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Today, my 18-year-old daughter texted me and told me that she got in a car crash. She texted, "I forgot wich way wus left lol" and then quickly added "yolo right? Lol". FML
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carleybeak 21

She seems too stupid to be driving at all


If my child ever says that I would disown them.

I hope you smacked her when you got to her.

Gothicbunnyx3 16

This is why I have terrible road rage, people don't take driving seriously. FYL for raising such a swagfag.

17- The way I read that, it looked like you said drown them... that escalated quickly.

No they wouldn't deserve to drown. They deserve the being on the streets homeless, cause ya know, yolo... I do see how you read it that way though.

Gothicbunnyx3 16

This is why I have huge road rage, people who don't take driving seriously. FYL for raising such a swagfag.

107- I didn't learn my lefts and rights until first grade, same situation with many of my friends and family. Not everyone that is smart knows simple things at a young age. There are of course people that never learn, I don't see why it's OP's fault she forgets.

She is driving a car. Hardly a first grader!

My husband is a secondary (high) school teacher. He gives detention to kids who say "YOLO" and "swag". They soon learn.

Your husband is epic! Give him my thanks.

skyttlz 32

I know kids my age (18/19) who still have trouble with left and right.

You're retarded as well. She's 18 not in the first grade, and if you're also one of those people please do us all a favor and never drive again

She's 18 how long does it take? And the fact that she said "YOLO right? lol" After that is worse than the fact that she forgot her left and rights. She shouldn't have a license

And OP is at fault to a degree because he let that girl grow into a fool. The fact that he isn't ashamed to even share this story and somehow find it humorous, shows where she got her idiocy from.

Aligator67 12

really? cause one day in kindergarten I was just sitting on the floor watching t.v. Suddenly I just knew my left and right, by holding up my hands and staring at them. I did not have to be taught.

Well my sister who is very intelligent didn't learn her left from right until around the fifth grade.

kill it and spread the ashes to the 4 corners of the earth

carleybeak 21

She seems too stupid to be driving at all

Yeah... How do you even make that mistake?? There are giant arrows on the blacktop for people to go the right direction....

TheDrifter 23

There was a big scandal about trading sexual favors or paying large sums of cash for a passed test without taking the test here a few years ago. Might happen there too.

maskedman98 6

seems like you have a bright daughter

I'm a cyclist and its amazing how many stupid people are on the road! First, I'm not a pedestrian, I'm considered a vehicle. I have to follow the same laws as cars. I also have the same rights as motor vehicles. So please dumb drivers, stop trying to run me off the road! I have every right to be on it!

as in a bicycle? if so no, you don't really have the right

#172. Cyclist seriously make me sick... I've got an idea, lets ride 3 bikes wide and 30 under the speed limit and see how many cars we can pile up behind us. You and your bike riding gang are the exact reason china thinks we are weak.

TheDrifter 23

I support cyclists as vehicles. I also support giving them reckless driving and impeding traffic tickets like other vehicles. Cyclists here ride like total douche canoes and then play the "pedestrian" victim when they get hit by a car while they're running a red light.

How did she pass I the first place? Was the instructor a hipster?

But then she'll need leave because she'll have become dependent

Probably had sex with the instructor cause you know YOLO

I know I sound stupid, but is "hipster" a mix of the words hippie and gangster? In reply to #14

Have you considered post-term abortion OP?

Her reaction to the incident was immature and silly, but you guys are taking it too far ...

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I swear to sweet lucifer if you make one more joke on here your privileges are up!

I just laughed so hard that my husband kicked me off the bed #5

Oh god, it's too late. It's eighteen and legal.

45, I can't simply just give you a thumbs up. I feel the need to reiterate how awesome that was. Well done!

And yet, I'm the one with the up votes

Im ashamed to be part of her generation.

There are stupid people in every generation, including mine. Don't be ashamed simply because a few ruin it for the rest.

ya, im usually not one to judge, and hate it when people say stuff about the generations, but people truly are getting dumber.

The rising of the collective intelligence of our species has made more apparent the shortcomings of select members of it. (Humanity is getting smarter, which makes it easier to notice dumb people.)

There's also social media. You just *think* there's more stupid people but in reality it's just that the Internet gives them more exposure.

Zimmington 21

31- Bullshit! My parents could never help me with school because my moms disabled and my dad never graduated high school. They didn't really push me to graduate either But I still managed to graduate a A B student.

punkyboy 11

31- "if a kid doesn't care in school it's the parents fault". I didn't know parents could control there kids mind on how they think about things.

*generic comment about having no faith in this generation*

While stupid people exist in every generation, it's this generation that comes up with things as idiotic as 'YOLO.' This is why we hate this generation.

Im opting out of this world. Maybe if she wasnt out yolo-ing and focusing on driving she might not have been in an accident. Sorry if im taking this seriously but accidents can range from a scratch to killing someone. And yolo isnt gonna bring that person back.

I'm waiting for the day that a yolo-er has a profound awaking and says "hey guys, while we are out living once, we are kind of accepting that when our stupidity kills us, thats it. No respawn or valhalla or feasts of kings. None of the interesting fable stuff"

WiseGirl98 5

is it just me or if you only live once, you kinda want to preserve that and make your life the best it can be?

She was probably busy checking out her texts and replying while driving. If she keeps that up, she most likely won't live long...

dlowry004 14

As a father, I'd be worried for her safety on a daily basis.