By cheezmaster - 16/12/2009 23:55 - United States

Today, after many, many attempts to get her out of my life, the girl that is stalking me told me that she loves me and our love can only be ended by her killing either herself or me. FML
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Run...Police NEVER help in cases like these. Just fucking RUN!

ummm she needs to seek help


ummm she needs to seek help

I would would agree. You should talk to the cops, doctors, get a straight jacket off ebay put her in a padded room and RUN LIKE HELL. She may love you but thats a little over the top.

Are you telling me there's straitjackets on ebay now? 'Cause last time I looked there wasn't...:/

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I vote her.

you should so give her the business, just to check

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@ 28 Why were you looking?? was that that hard?

Fuck her and dump her. That should make her commit suicide. WIN!

He's not dating her. She's stalking him.

kill her...problem solved

#77 she didn't say she'd kill herself. She said she'd EITHER kill herself or kill him. So doing something to tilt the balance over to make her be sure she wants to kill him might be a bad move. The cops might be a better option.

u really looked up a straight jacket online! r u nuts!?

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this is insane. and powersmoke; WTF IS WRONG WITH YOUR PICTURE?!

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seek help sir.

yess agreed... just to be sure

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buy her some razorblades!

be the bigger person and take one for the team.

Run...Police NEVER help in cases like these. Just fucking RUN!

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#2 is right man you just gotta go. get right the fuck out of there!

sounds like you speak from expierience?

/agree Get the fuck away from her

I agree....RUN, FOREST, RUN!

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LOL call da popo modafucka

DA POLICE And OP, look on the bright side, at least you have a prom date...

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pop a cap in that looney hoe ;S

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how, romantic :') how is this an fml :/

i do hope this comment is a joke

I agree with crankyadam, so romantic =)

This is the flip side of "the guy I've been crushing on for 5 years, says he has a girlfriend, not interested etc"

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In some states, that's enough to get her put away for psychiatric help.

This is fake. There have been like 5 versions of these. "creepy stalker will kill themselves if they dont get me" over the last couple weeks.

There are billions of people in the world, and it's the holiday time. Nothing says they're fake. Played out and boring, yes, but not necessarily fake. As for every other one of these same exact FMLs, call the cops and get a restraining order. Let her kill herself, you have no control over it.

You have to get away, you're not doing yourself or her a favor by sticking around. Get a restraining order against her and let your family and friends know about the situation.

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Your choice or hers?