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Today, the girl I've been seeing for just over a week casually let me know that she'll slash her wrists if I ever leave her. FML
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Just casually lure her to an asylum

You should hop on the nope train and run as fast and as far away as possible.


You should hop on the nope train and run as fast and as far away as possible.

Well I read some more fml's and noticed someone used the nope train comment as well... Well shit

That's alright. It's only annoying when it's used multiple times in the same post. Unless it's a shitty/sticky situation comment, that's never ok.

If its any consolation, I've never seen this comment before.

Just tell her that it's her problem not yours.

#141 when someone tells you that I don't think your response is "Well that's your problem not mine." If someone says "My parents are getting divorced and I'm slowly becoming depressed." I would never like you, in fact I would despise you, if you replied with "Well that's your problem not mine."

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But not before getting her some psychiatric help, right?

Just casually lure her to an asylum

Oh babe I know this great place to eat. Yeah. Lots of entertainmeeeeent... it's an all white partyyyyyy... they have party favooooors. You'll... erm... we'll fit right in.

You just have to convince her you are crazier than she is and get her to leave you!

#5 I had a crazy girlfriend like OP's before and didn't once think to try that tbh, now I wonder if it works.

This has the potential to work. Just act super clingy, call her all the time and give her no alone time. she'll be gone pretty soon.

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Tried it... she proposed. I literally yelled "Gosh! You're so clingy! I need some space to be able to breath!" and then continued acting super clingy and annoying with her, but everytime she said or did anything I acted offended by her "clinginess". Took her a month amd a half... wasn't worth it besides the comedy value for storytelling.

You need to convince her that you see a small, bald man with horns and a wolf tail and have frequent conversations with him. Be sure to also see things like beds with teeths, pictures that are spinning around, and talking goldfish. Pretend to have no cognition of the things you are telling her about these crazy things.

maybe she just means swing her arms in a slashing motion? haha nope

I would definitely run while you can. Staying will only make things worse in the end.

as someone who is depressed this is really sad to me. nobody should threaten this if they arent serious and if she is serious than she needs actual help which you should help her to get.

These type of threats aren't usually from people that are depressed in that manner, in my experience. They tend to be people that want to control or manipulate another through playing the victim.

You're right, 61. This is classic sociopathic behavior. One of the reasons I stayed with my horrible ex for so long was because he threatened suicide every time I said I wanted a divorce. But we've been divorced for three years now, and he's still very much alive last I heard. He stopped threatening suicide when I finally just said, " Oh, shut up. No you won't." Once he knew I knew he was lying, he cut that bullshit out. Perhaps OP should try telling this girl he knows she's just trying to manipulate him. I'd bet any amount of money this girl won't do a damn thing to harm herself if OP leaves her.

#83 Even if they ARE serious, it's not a reason to stay - not with a person who would try to control you with such a horrendous threat.

Exactly. But, a person with a soul can't help caring whether another person lives or dies. Sociopaths know this, and that's why they do it.

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Slip anti-psychotics into her drink and run away?

Just make sure you are at her place when you leave her. Blood stains are a bitch.

Holy crap that was dark, didnt see it coming lmao

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That's just a little creepy