By Anonymous - United States - Elizabethtown
Today, while playing badminton at school, I got an opponent who is mentally handicapped. Since I'm terrible at the game, I guess the teacher assumed it would be a good match. I won the match, my first victory ever. My teacher accused me of cheating to humiliate him. FML
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  tomwantssnow  |  14

Or maybe the teacher was just a terrible person and made a bet that the OP was so bad that they'd lose to a mentally handicapped person and was angry because they lost the bet. It makes sense if you don't think about it;)

  iLike2Teabag  |  27

I remember two teams tried to throw the match in the London Olympics so they'll be in a lower pool or won't have to face their own country or something. It was pretty disgusting.

By  lucianaamelia  |  21

You do look like your in the wrong. Sucks to be you. Well done for winning though :D

  Morqan_Freeman  |  14

Without a doubt OP, from what you said you seem to have a judgemental, assuming, mean teacher. He deserves a racket slap so hard he'll have a waffle mark on his face. As a teacher his actions are unacceptable.

  magiczebra  |  9

God, I hate it when people baby mentally handicapped kids. They're normal people, they can deal with losing a badminton game in gym class. Giving the "special" kids special treatment will only teach them that they can get whatever they want because of their disability.

  Welshite  |  39

#3: Diagnoses have become more accurate, and social acceptance has grown. Better than the old idiotic belief that they were possessed by demons right?

  buckeyed  |  20

Not going for grammar nazi status, but I do feel that it's a common misconception to say "should of" because it sounds right. It's actually "should have," but people frequently combine the words so it turns into "should've", which sounds like "should of". The more you know! :D

  Pleonasm  |  34

If the handicapped person knows none of the rules, then OP can abuse them: score, serves, anything. Or just take advantage of the handicap depending on the one.
Not that that is the case, nor the point.