By Chan - 23/01/2010 03:16 - United States

Today, I was holding my son and smelled poop so I checked his diaper, but there was nothing there. Then I realized it was my breath. FML
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brush yo teefs fool

Bad dental care is also linked to SHUT THE FUCK UP


brush yo teefs fool

Duuuuurty saaaaanchez!

#1 teeth are only 25 percent of your mouth. your breath can still smell after brushing. i'd say you need to floss and rinse with mouth wash. bad dental care is linked to heart problems

She's one of the ladies in 2 girls 1 cup.

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even if you brush your teeth things like a high protein diet can still make your mouth smell like shit

Bad dental care is also linked to SHUT THE FUCK UP

#102, Bahahahahaha!!!!!!!

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two girls one cup

frozenshake 5

the stuff in sperm can help your teeth stay healthy xD it's also high in protein :D

then hurry up and suck a dick

How do you smell your own breath?

Maybe he brushes his teeth with crap, cut him some slack.

caticaticati 3

It's a lady.

poop and bad breath have very distinct smells. what have you been snacking on lately :o

you really need to brush your teeth cause that is disgusting that your breath smells that bad O.o

brushing doesnt work if u eat poop

try flossing daily

OP YDI for not brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing at night.

how about brushing your teeth once in a while

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Quit eating shit and you won't have the problem.....damn. *throws some mouthwash at your head*

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Lookin' like a fool wit yo pants on da ground!

haha. love that song!!

Where's the Like button?

that gold in your mouth, lookin like a fool, lookin like a fool, lookin like a fool with yo pants on the ground! haha ridiculous

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wow that's sick man

that's disgusting!

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wow brush your teeth once in a while