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By  wambamtysam  |  0

the fact is, people who end up killing themselves never speak about it. it's always a shock or a mystery. she's just a little poser and wouldn't have the balls to kill herself.

By  hummingbug  |  2

wow. pretty much everyone who has posted any comments on here are jerks. you're talking about a REAL PERSON. i'll agree she's psychotic sounding but who the hell are any of you to say "dump her!" or "lets make her prove her depression!" obviously if she carved her last bf's name in her arm she has attachment issues and is overly emotional and needs help. you all need to quit being so insensitive.

OP: you need to break it off with her but you should also definitely at least invest in setting up someone that she can attach herself to afterwards who is TRAINED to handle these situations. don't stay because you feel obligated, you deserve true love but don't be cruel either or you'll carry it with you for the rest of your life, guaranteed. i don't care what people say otherwise, you will never be rid of her memory if you do it cruelly.

By  megashroom  |  6

Break up with her, why should you care if she kills herself?

  AMCJEEP  |  10

I'm with you. Fuck her. If she wants kill herself tell her to make it fun for the rest of us.

Put her in a room by herself with nothing but a wooden cooking spoon and sell tickets to see how she does it.

Get her to jump off a building while wearing a chicken suit.

Have her crash a milk truck into the Pokemon factory.

Drop her from a hot air balloon and then wait to see where the balloon lands. We've all wondered it right? Of u let a balloon go where does it end up? It's pretty hard to lose a balloon that big so now we can all find out. It's a public service for gods sake.

So don't sweat it. You'll think of something. Just make sure it's interesting.

  Julian_s1234  |  11

Completley agree bro its her right to kill herself and he can't be to blame, plus that person who commented on everyone's bad and mean comments. It's our freedom of speech so we can say our thoughts on this situation


OP should call suicide hotline and police and ask them to come out to the home and then he should break up with least he'd no longer have to deal with that crazy bitch anymore and it'll be in the laws hands

  PoTnOoto  |  7

Actually, most people who commit suicide tell at least one person before they go through with it.. this is an actual thing. Don't they teach that in 9th grade? They usually tell someone because they're begging for someone to save them from their depression. And if no one seems to care, they're convinced they might as well just do it.
Trust me, I've been there so many times. I know exactly what it's like. It pisses me off when I see people act like this about suicide and depression.

  Penetration  |  0

I agree. Maybe she'll eventually stop wanting to kill herself because of you.
She'll do it because her previous boyfriend gave her HIV! Oh daaaaamn~
Nah, just kidding. Although, AIDs is no laughing matter. (LOLOLOL)

  saltz  |  0

no crazy girl, don't make her hate you, but leave her. it's not your fault if she kills herself, there is always a choice, and it's not your job to be the deciding factor


hahaha.. Yes Man moment..

"Wish you would step back from that ledge, my friend..
(You could) Cut ties with all the lies that you been living in..
And.. If you do not want to see me, again..
I would understand.."

But in all seriousness.. Why carve an ex-bf's name into her arm, if she's crazy about you?

My suggestion:

Get her to read Twilight..
I've read many FMLs on this site, about how crazy bitches have dumped guys over a fictional character with powers and feelings.. I think that might be what your girl is looking for..

Well, then.. Assuming that works, you're in the clear, but Rob Pattinson is not..

  daknox  |  0

obviously she is crazy lol she didn't kill herself with the other guys so you should be in the clear. what's this world coming to crazy hoes

  NotFML_FYL  |  0

All right, I think that we've all been through this before. OP what you gotta do is create multiple personalities and tell her that only Mike (I assume that's the OP's name) is her boyfriend and your 18 other personalities don't approve of the relationship. Fight crazy with crazy.


be nice to her but make her hate you til she wants to break up with you. I have a friend in the same situation as her and her bf told her he was gay but it didnt work, making her hate you is the best way.

  toxicangst  |  2

lol nice solution, epic movie
but r u serious? dont give anyone twilight! what if she gets attached to one of the characters that like, gets rejected or something, people do crazy shit in reaction to stuff like that... a girl in my grade reacted badly to a ghost in the bathroom (moaning Myrtle) and convinced half our grade there was a ghost in there lol

  Dimercurio  |  1

You're joking right? emo is short for emotional, as in sad and depressed. you dumbass kids have such retarded sub cultures these days you don't even know what groups you're part of anymore

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

You obviously don't know what you're talking about. I was in a similar situation (bf of 2 wks threatening suicide). I stayed for a month but it just wasn't working out. He repeated his threats; I left. His mom found him just barely in time to save his life. Not everyone who makes threats is doing it for the drama.

But OP, it's not your job to be this girl's keeper if you don't want to be. Tell her parents and leave her.

  idkweird  |  0

#96, that story was ended perfectly. Mom found him just in time. People who threaten a lot like that usually plan their attempts around times they know people are going to be home. That, or they call someone and inform them of what they have done. Those aren't real threats, and those people aren't usually serious. They just want the sympathy and the manipulation the attempt brings.

The people who talk about it all the time usually aren't the serious ones.

  amy397123  |  0

#97 is right.
The people who are actually contemplating suicide are the ones that don't talk about it.
People who makes threats like this are just attention whores.

By  The__Redneck  |  7

If she's not really willing too kill herself, then the woman is a vile, manipulative, dishonest shrew. Dump her immediately.

If she IS willing to kill herrself, than the woman is insane, and these problems will only get worse as you continue. Dump her imediately, and see who she (and you!) can talk to about her mental trouble.

By  liveloveandownit  |  0

On the bright side if you break up with her and she does actually follow through with it you won't have to worry about a psycho stalker. She probably won't do it but will probably stalk you.