By TwiceDaily,Kids - 06/04/2012 00:41 - United States

Today, my girlfriend got pissed when I told her she needed to brush her teeth more than once a day. I could smell her breath from across the bed. FML
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Thats disgusting get her to go to a dentist FYL.

Maybe her breath smells like shit, but her ass smells minty fresh?


Thats disgusting get her to go to a dentist FYL.


the hell does that girl eat?

My wife's ex roommate had horrible breath. It smelled like dog shit. I checked my shoes almost every time she walked in the room.

MetalxSoldier 26

Tell her to brush her tongue with toothpaste. It helps. (:

What else would you brush your tongue with? Mustard?

Umm at least she gets it done once a day... Some people on here go weeks!

EvilTeddysRock 2

if her mouth is that bad I don't want to imagine the fumes that come from her butt.

damn! teach the girl some hygiene! dont kiss her till she learns!

At least you're honest right? (: I would have been nicer about it though. Like "casually" offer her gum.

If her breath smelled that bad, gum would only mask the problem. Although, "for a dirty mouth, clean it up with Orbit - for a good clean feeling no matter what."

People with bad hygiene are increasing..

His girlfriend and the roommate who showers once every two months should be best friends.

imsoboss91 5

Did you just say "brush your teeth more" or did you explain?

While she was sleeping, he just shoved a brush in her mouth and started scrubbing. Shame that she took to that negatively though

Bad breath is like the biggest turnoff for me

TheEpicMilkMan 13

1 without hygiene is 1 i won't be dating anytime soon :3 but hygiene is always key as we can all agree :P

The relation between bad breath and hygiene isn't always synonymous.