By Brittany - 18/06/2012 14:57 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I were kissing. Halfway through the kiss, he rubs his tongue along all my teeth and says, "You need to brush your teeth." FML
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What I'm wondering is why did you make out without brushing your teeth first?!

EvilTwerp 12

Maybe you should brush your teeth. Not everyone likes to be disgusting.


Well kissing helps.

What I'm wondering is why did you make out without brushing your teeth first?!

Maybe it was spontaneous...

spekledworf 18

You can floss your teeth with his pubes

Maddidaddi 0

If it was in the morning, before op brushed her teeth, he shouldn't have been a dick. If it was midday, she needs to chew some gum. If it were at night, she should've brushed again.

Byahhh 3

Give credit to your boyfriend for not throwing up...

Where did it say she didn't brush her teeth? A comment is not a fact.

Seriously, who rubs his tongue along his girlfriend teeth ? Dude you're as disgusting as her :p

She needs to brush not floss

Normally the feeling of brushed teeth lasts all day. At least for me it does.

this needs to be the best comment

Wicked361 8

Dirty mouth? Get Orbit for a quick clean feeling. No matter what. :D

73, when you're making my experience, you tend to just do stuff just to try it and everybody(couple) does and enjoys different things, for gross as this might sound to some people, some people enjoy anal stimulation during sex. While you mind find that gross some people enjoy it.

mekaylahm 0

What's wrong with you

I read 99's comment in the ladys accent like on the commercial. >.

French kissing.... With the added authenticity of the taste of onions and garlic.

French kissing... with the added authenticity of the taste of onion and garlic.

Ohhh yes, cause they'll be about to kiss and then she'll say, "Wait. Hold up. I. Gotta. Brush. My. Freakin. Teeth. Whoa man."

why the hell would he rub his tongue on her teeth anyways? I'd be pissed if my boyfriend did that... and clearly you need to brush your teeth. Ew

You would be pissed off with some goofing around? Kissing must be serious business for you. I imagine if he puts a foot wrong in sex he has to walk the plank...

2, I'm guessing it was a spur-of-the-moment. If I was the original poster, I would have said, "It feels like you just did."

EvilTwerp 12

Maybe you should brush your teeth. Not everyone likes to be disgusting.

Idk man, not brushing is one thing but running your tongue over said teeth purposely after figuring out she doesn't is another.

ant1ion 12

He must be a dentist lol he was just checking if she brushes

FYLinAmajorWay 1

What I want to know is, Doesn't anybody else find it weird that he would run his tongue back and forth across her teeth? I don't know maybe it's just me but if I was making out with a girl and she just randomly decided to tongue all my teeth, I'd be feeling a little awkward...

EvilTwerp 12

Who says he runs his tongue over her teeth? If her breath is bad, which you can taste, then she probably didn't brush.

soccergurrll 8

Oh how romantic. OP: *kiss* BF: *runs tongue along teeth* babe, you need to brush your teeth. OP: moment ruined.

EvilTwerp 12

76- I feel the utmost stupidity raining down on me.

133- I'm so confused by your comments. You were the original commenter saying she should brush her teeth and then you said who ever said she didn't brush her teeth. Am I the only one who caught this?

I take away my second comment. I must've been half asleep when I wrote that ha. Thanks for correcting me :)

43 - you may want to consider getting a new dentist if that's how yours checks if you've brushed your teeth...

I'm hungry now?

Hiimhaileypotter 52

That's nasty.

Wait.. So you guys don't like plaque and leftover food as a snack? Weird...

2ndSucks 15

Just quit while you're not too far behind, pal.

Almost as delicious as Koolaid!

50- I hope you said that in a Cleveland voice


It's clearly a joke

Lighten up, you guys. Sheeez...

DontModMeDammit 10

Can't blame him, he wasn't probably wasn't in the mood for left overs.

DontModMeDammit 10

Forget that extra wasn't.

5- thank you for making me gag

Kenton1008 21

22: Your profile picture works perfectly with your comment. :D

That's gross, well maybe next time you actually should..

Dirty mouth? Clean it up with Orbit. A good clean feeling. No matter what.

mmmm I'm sure that put you both in the mood!

hockeyoceancity 13

You forgot to add, "to go brush your teeth" it's okay fixed it for you.

Haha yeah who wouldn't be turned on by gross food in someone else teeth?

Damn cheese and onion crisps. Apparently kissing helps with cleaning teeth. The bacteria from his mouth will go into yours and, in theory, help with stopping plaque build up.

SecretMe00 5

Seriously? Never knew that.

I bullshit you not. Search it up for proof ^.^

how do you know that it was only half way through the kiss?

with a comment like OPs boyfriend made, I would think that would be the end of the kiss lol

"cover me! I'm going in!" -mouth condom-

Tongue condom sounds better:p

he can tell you need to brush your teeth by using his tongue? that's awesome!

There are these cool things on his tongue called taste buds...