By Sir Vom-a-lot - 14/06/2012 16:28 - United Kingdom - West Drayton

Today, my girlfriend and I got to the stage in our relationship where she thinks its okay to change her tampon whilst I brush my teeth. FML
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I really don't think there is any stage in a relationship where that would be okay. FYL haha

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Sorry for you OP. That's bloody ridiculous.


lamort_fml 4

Dafuq did I just read

DontModMeDammit 10

You sir just read a short story called a FML.

Why Dafuq cant you come up with an original joke?

Another unfortunate victim of the heavy burden of first post. Remove your hats, men. We've lost another one. *Funeral music plays in background*

24- He was so young... He had a whole life in front of him! *sobs*

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Ok I usually don't do this but I believe it's *an* FML not a FML

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Hahahaha.. This is exactly what my brain said after reading this fml

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35, I believe (I'm not an English major so not 100% sure) but you use "an" when the following word starts with a vowel.

Hey it's the greatest thing ever, cause you know she's not prego

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47-You just blew my mind. I've never thought about that before now xD

85- refer to your picture for my comment to you... 35 and 54 are correct. When the word SOUNDS like it starts with a vowel, you use an, even if it doesn't actually start with a vowel (therefore it is AN FML because you pronounce it EFF-EMM-ELL)

54 and 90- You are both wrong. The correct pronunciation is clearly "fim-ill". Don't even try to deny it.

GrammarNazzzzzi 6

90, 35 and 54 are correct. Everyone else, stay in school!

47 - like 54 said, it's the sound of a vowel that requires the use of "an". The word hour starts with a consonant but you still don't say a hour. You use an because of the vowel sound.

Hey everyone chill out. It's Friday for the love of God! Yay

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136- But it's Thursday... o_O

DontModMeDammit 10

"it's Friday, Friday...........," welcome all.

Dafuq is a commonly used joke amongst the Internet. Ever heard of a meme? gtfo.

Just to clear up this whole "a or an FML" thing. It's a FML because FML is an acronym for **** my life. You would say "a **** my life" not "an **** my life". Therefore, you would write "a FML".

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Reminds of the movie "Step brothers". I can solve this "Pan, Pam problem".

I guess it all depends on what you say. If you say " I'm ready A fuckmylife " then it would be a, but if you say " I'm reading an FML ", then it's an. But seriously, even though it's an acronym, " a FML" sounds retarded.

143 - Are you intentionally being thick?

Wow people, enough bickering. It can be either "an" or "a" depending on the form you're using, whether it be the acronym, or the full words. There, you're all right.

No it does matter because acronyms are ok. However not using 'a' or 'an' correctly is leading to a illiterate america. I'm 13 and i get basic grammar come on people

214-*an illiterate Now please do continue. I was enjoying your speech.

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#214- No, no you don't. Keep studying. I'm also going to guess that punctuation is next year, right?

its honestly not that big of a deal, it is just a tampon.

it took a lot of up and down scrolling to get the full dose of this thread. i've concluded that some people are just not that bright

I believe you spelled "disgusting" wrong

I'm pretty sure that the only time this is okay is never.

what_ever2007 11

It depends on the relationship

blcksocks 19

I think OP has reached the point of no return.

At least you get to see some pussy.

I'm pretty sure you can put in some sort of application for red wings now.

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116- nooo it doesn't wtf are u smoking !?!? Poor op fyl

what_ever2007 11

Uh, yes it does depend on the relationship. I know from experience. What's "omg so wrong" for some people isn't such a big deal to others. Everyone is different.

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I guess that shows how comfortable she is around u...not to mention un-easily embarrassed and un-self conscious...

I really don't think there is any stage in a relationship where that would be okay. FYL haha

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Next time OP, you should poop while she is showering, and talk to her.

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That is exactly what me and my wife of 10 years just said!

Well... Its kinda like that stage of the relationship when you can poop with the door open... Complete, utter, and disgusting trust

Been with my husband for 20 years and still wouldn't do that. Bad enough I have to deal with female maintenance, I'm not going to make people witness it on purpose. I mean if he came in after me then that's on him.

what_ever2007 11

It depends on the relationship

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My friend took it a but further than this story.. She literally has her bf change her tampon for her sometimes its a normal thing for them Thats just disgusting and wrong i dont know why he would do that i was grossed out even hearing that story

what_ever2007 11

What makes it wrong? If it works just fine for them, why not? It doesn't mean anyone else has to do it.

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3- Agreed. 9- I'm quite positive that is more socially acceptable then this FML.

I find 96's story rather touching. Some men shave their women's legs for them, wash their hair, etc. I wish my boyfriend would change my tampons..

On my bad days my husband will help with some things. I've had him brush and dry my hair. He has dyed it for me. Put in colored hair extensions. Since I got sick he's turning into my beautician. Don't think I'd be comfortable with him changing my products for me unless I absolutely couldn't. But to each their own I guess.

For a couple weeks my mom could not use her hand so my dad dyed her hair. After that time, he kept on doing it because my mom liked for him to dye it.

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150 - I wish my boyfriend would have my period for me, but you know....

That would work too :) I would change his tampon if he did the rest of the dirty work!

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I completely disagree with you

Byahhh 3

I gag when I brush my tongue anyway... That's just... Damn.

AbbyRocksYourSoc 3

Sorry for you OP. That's bloody ridiculous.

what_ever2007 11

*Laughs at the word choice of "bloody" lol*

Hiimhaileypotter 52

49- That was the point. The pun was intended.

what_ever2007 11

Great! That means I can laugh at it....which I did :P

what_ever2007 11

Did I miss something? Is it wrong to laugh at a pun? Apparently, at least 7 people think so at the time I'm posting this!

what_ever2007 11

lol why? I have just as much a right to speak my mind as you do. Obviously I've missed the huge thing I'm doing so wrongly in your opinion #100.

what_ever2007 11

Schnearf!.. Oh, we aren't just making up knew words?

It's amusing that you think "whilst" was the funny part of the FML.

FMLshark 12

Even funnier that 36 thinks that "whilst" is a made-up word AND used "knew" instead of "new". What English classes did you take, exactly?

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Ghiraham is most British hence the "whilst".... *sigh* stupidity can at least be corrected.

Ozone1232 5

It can be corrected when you're dead.

Oh you poor thing. Hope she didn't make eye contact!

iFizzgig 11

Oh she did, and she spread her legs and licked her lips

119, I believe 29 meant her mouth, unless she can lick her other lips, and that would be quite the talent!

That should not be a stage. I think you should sit her down and tell her that's not okay, ever.

what_ever2007 11

soooo...? It's a natural thing. ...Yeah, she didn't have to do it when you were brushing your teeth, I'm sure; but so many guys get so freaked out when it comes to women's periods! Child birth will be much worse if you two choose to go that route.

Probably safe to say he'll love the baby more than he does the tampon.

what_ever2007 11

I'm sure he will....but it's yet another "gross" thing a woman has to go through! Oh the poor men!! *sigh* What I mean is...hopefully he won't feel the need to be all "OMG GROSS" when/if his baby is born.

Hey, I don't freak out over a woman's period, but I sure as hell don't want to watch her change her tampon. Some things need to stay private, and this is VERY high on that list.

citymayer 7

I don't want to do that while someone is in the bathroom brushing their teeth.. I don't even want to be in the bathroom with anyone else at the same time..

You sound like a stuck up bitch. Jussayin

You spell like a stuck up bitch, twtwaldron. *Just saying. I agree with you, what_ever2007. That's like a women being appalled by a man's ejaculation. Both are bodily fluids.

I'm man enough, there isn't anything a woman could do to gross me out! Common man, she's the one doing it and you're the one being a little bitch? Show your woman that you are that comfortable around her, man up. Some day you'll be glad you did....

Yes it's natural but so what. Why should he have to see her change her tampon, just because it's natural. As a female, I wouldn't even want my boyfriend seeing that. It's disgusting enough as it is to me.

No one MADE him look at her. He was brushing his teeth, he could have recognized what she was doing and looked away. But it sounds like he just kept watching in horror. It's not like she said, "Hey! Look what I found!" This is not an fmylife, this is an Iwastemporarilygrossedoutbymygirlfriendslevelofcomfortabilityaroundme.

what_ever2007 11

sorry you feel that way 193

what_ever2007 11

Thanks NoReservations -- good comments :)

263, I wish the biggest worry in my life was seeing a tampon being inserted. I guess that i have more pressing worries and problems to deal with, that doesn't bother me. Taking a shit is "disgusting" but a part of life. I'm not going on about how girl may have heard it! Like OMG! Fo real? I'm worried about a house payment, putting food on the table. You know, adult things.

Thanks, 217 :) Completely agree with you, yodaevil.

I totally agree with you! I want to say "**** you" to guys who complain about having to deal with girls periods. They ain't the ones having to deal with it. We are. The bastards

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Wow youre cool. Thank you for respecting women unlike other guys. It might be gross but hell if a girl does that, that means she trusts you.

Same goes for child birth. your hand hurts? Bitch please!

Thank you! And maybe there's only one bathroom and he's been using it for a while, those things start getting super uncomfortable and it's bad to leave them in too long anyways.

Oh my. I think you should talk to her. That's very uncomfortable on your part. And it should be on hers too. FYL op

Your profile pic definitely fits this FML