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Today, my dog brought me a a dead rabbit. It so happened to be the rabbit a group of neighborhood kids were looking for after they lost it yesterday. I just had to hide a body for my dog. FML
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savannahsboxxx tells us more.

I love my phone any who they came out and said she'll have to pass a test or she'll have to go on a dangerous dog list. I personally will know she'll pass but it's not like I trained her to kill there rabbit it was animal instant. It happened in my yard while she was on a tie out. so it's there fault for not being responsible with there rabbit.

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Maybe the dog didn't kill the rabbit and just found it.

And this is the Origin story for one of the worlds most vicious organized crime lords.


Buy them a new rabbit, and quick?

Why is this down voted I think it would only be right, I mean they're kids, they wouldn't know the difference and if they found out about their bunny they would be very sad

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It's down voted because that was likely their pet. Getting them a new one doesn't make up for the one they loved. When your dog or cat dies or gets lost, do you run out and get a new one the next day?

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well, OP can't very well give back the dead one. what's the alternative?

No you don't, but if it were your pet and you were aware it had been killed and so knew the new pet was a different one, it's a completely different situation. I meant get a new similar looking rabbit without telling the kids what had happened to the other one.

They don't know it's dead #33.

#36 silence of the lamb. Silence of the lamb is the alternative.

You should have told the parents & not tried to hide that.

I'm generally a fan of the truth, but depending on the kind of dog OP has, and her relationship with her neighbors, they could go crazy and demand the dog be put down. Better off pretending nothing happened.

It's a rabbit that got loose. It's not like the dog went crazy and murdered livestock. Where I live if things like chickens and rabbits are loose and get killed by dogs or cats it's the owner of the dead animal's fault not the animal or the animal that did the killing.

True, and most reasonable people would understand that, but OP's follow up supports my thought. I'm sure if OP had a Yorkshire terrier, her neighbors wouldn't have freaked out. Unfortunately, pit bulls have a bad rap and it looks like the neighbor was looking for a reason to go after the dog. What really sucks is pit bulls are usually sweet and gentle (depending on their training) and there's no proof the dog killed the rabbit. Even if it did, that's what dogs do-- protect their home. I hope everything works out for OP.

I think that only counts if the animal attacks a human & besides maybe it's survival instinct for the dog?

Anytime one person's pet kills another person's, the owner of the dead pet can take it to court. If the pet attacks a human it could very well be put down. If it kills a pet, it's really up to state law and the court's decision. As long as op had a fenced in yard the dog would be fine. If not, the dog could be out down.

Maybe the dog didn't kill the rabbit and just found it.

It's unlikely. Dogs don't typically touch dead animals.

What the hell sort of dogs have you been around? O.o

Yeah my dog loves dead things.. Cats get a kill he runs in and takes it from them.

Hunting dogs are specifically trained to go after dead animals....

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Not true, that really depends on the dog. One of our dogs liked to roll around in all sorts of nasty things, including smelly dead animals. Our Lab likes to prod small live animals with his nose and has on a couple occasions dropped baby rabbits into our hands. We put them back and put up a little trellis fence around their nest, so Mom could get in but the dog couldn't. I don't doubt the Lab would eat a dead animal if he came across it though, since he'll try to eat anything if he can get away with it, but I don't think he'd bother bringing any part of it to us. Our GSD is disinterested in small animals, alive or dead, but he is the odd one out.

#58, i have a chocolate lab who doesn't go near other rodents or dead animals. My other one loves hunting rodents in my backyard, but she won't touch it if it's already dead. I was just speaking from my experience.

SheepShoop_fml 20

As was I. Your original comment was generalizing, and not accurate to the majority.

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This just went from murder to accomplice to framed.

Hiding it is cruel. That way they'll look for weeks and wonder why Mr. Rabbit didn't want to stay with them.

or just assume its dead, like most people who cant find their rabbit after a couple weeks

And this is the Origin story for one of the worlds most vicious organized crime lords.

JMichael 25

Better get Batdog and Waggin on this case!

So glad you have a partner in crime with no questions asked. Lol

"look ma! I found it!"

Buy them a new one and tell the truth. Depending on how old the kids are, you can kind of distract them with the new young bunny, while telling the other one is dead.

Mans best murder accomplice

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You've crossed the barrier. Soon you'll be doing it for you sister