By Sabraynay - 28/09/2011 06:47

Today, my mom instructed me to never scream when being attacked by a rapist. Apparently it would only anger him, causing him to chop my boobs off and superglue my eyes shut. FML
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Sounds reasonable

That seems legit.


Sounds reasonable

don't want to lose them boobs

She's right. I would. *He

Yeah she's right that's what I do when they scream.

And they always scream

yamatelle 19

19- So that's what you've been planning to do to me everytime you ask me to scream for you?! You ass.

Aaaahhh noooo! Don't cut my moob- erm... boobs off!!!

OP's mother has a very graphic imagination

If it comes to tht, i would start screaming at a really high pitch (echolocation) and beat him with my now detached boobs

22- yes, you figured it out :(

lol i thought she was saying this actually happened


bitchslapped22 14

She's right you know, the same thing happened to me :(

Not all rapists carry on superglue, jeez.

Not all rapists carry on superglue, jeez.

Not all rapists carry on superglue, jeez.

my mom told my brother the same thing!!

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A Mothers intuition is alway correct. :)

kbobcat 0

A Mothers intuition is alway correct. :)

As long as its protected you crazy kids do what pleases ya.

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You never yell rape. You yell bonfire because no one wants to see a rape.

That seems legit.

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A lifetime original....

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'Tis true...

That is what I would do

This fml is brought to you by Kobe Bryant condoms. The protection you want for the sex she doesn't.


Your mother knows best.

Always carry a good book with you so you can read it while you're getting raped and the rapist can rape in peace and you dont lose them boobs. Win-win.

such a dumb comment

Such an obvious scream-during-rape person^^^. just accept it and get it over with.

her mom is a dumbass

TheDrifter 23

And I'm sure the rapist will apreciate the peace and quiet for a change.

Is it bad that I thought about my ex-girlfriend when I read your comment? Seriously, a dead fish would've been a better lay. FML

^^ and smell better too

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I got nothing. ... Wtf ?

perdix 29

I'm at a loss for words. Just thought you'd like to know. How do you get 3 thumbs up for "I got nothing?" I'll bet they are sniveling fingers trying to curry favor with you to avoid the inevitable kicking.

ikickgingers 15

I get thumbs down / threatening pm's for everything. :D Give it like...... An hourish? and it'll be -6, the world will be whole again perdix.

perdix 29

Gosh, Kicky, you've got charisma! For "I got nothing," you are +7. I work my balls off to try to be non-negative! I couldn't help but to put my thumb up you. I mean, for you.

91 How about Strength, Perception, Endurance, Intelligence, Agility and Luck? Not just Charisma... You'll ruin S.P.E.C.I.A.L!

perdix 29

Aw, crap! You've already got wannabes (see #106). For the sake of all that is good and holy, Kicky, don't bring back the reverse FML! We worked so hard and lost many good folks killing that beast off. Don't make us do it again! Example: Today, I was raping this girl, but she lay there silent, so I had no excuse to cut off her boobs and superglue her eyes shut. FML.

ikickgingers 15

Perhaps... She saw your previous comment and decided she wanted a good old fashioned "thumbing"??

Check your Mom's eyes and boobs; she might just knows what she talking about.

Yeah and her dad's input might be useful as well

Well thats sucks to hear such thing from your mother op

your mum must belong to #teamFREAKY

The **** is this, Twitter?

Jdimp 1

this isn't twitter you fag

I hate it when people believe stereotypes.

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You're right. Not all rapists are sadistic bastards.

35 - i actually laughed out loud. rare when im reading comments (:

I mean come on , some are quite friendly . I'm still friends with the one that molested me a month ago . His name is Paul. Were tight.

alstbv12 13

119- no. Just no. *smh

You sir, are a ******* moron. :)

Holy crap people, has the art of sarcasm been completely lost? Oh the humanity!

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145, you sir, are another ******* douchebag with the "lemme show off my abs on FML cause I'mma pick up dem hoes" mentality.

Yeah guys! Rapists need love too, now stop whining and bend over.

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wow.. she's a vivid thinker.. but is it okay to scream if the rapist decides to do those things anyways?