By anonymous - 05/04/2012 21:53 - United States - Atlanta

Today, I realized my Internet addiction had gone too far when I tried to Google what was in my freezer. FML
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But google knows everything.

iPikaSaurus 3

Hey what's in the freezer? I dunno google it.


But google knows everything.

marzipanimal 15

It happens to the best of us hun.(:

Google does not know everything. Does it know the cure for cancer and aids. Didn't think so.

22- are you really that stupid? or just being a smartass....

He's being a dumbass.

ThisIsMyReign 4

There is a app for that OP. Haha. But that would be awesome to be able to google that. But, I have seen something about this before so, OP hope your not faking and coping what someone else said and turning it to a FML instead of a joke.

danni218 1

All hail the all knowing google...

allthatandmore 0

It's true though google knows all

Blackmail111 9

You can't cure aids dip shit. It's a condition so unless you find a way to replace every white blood cell in the body then there won't be a cure for aids.

Hmm... ^ Yep just confirmed that via Google...

22- hmm... Not sure if troll or just retarded as hell.

This made my day xD

You must have had a pretty dull day tbh if this was the thing to "make" it

Sigh... She wasnt being litteral dumbass

FmaFangirl 9


iPikaSaurus 3

Hey what's in the freezer? I dunno google it.

"! That's some weird porn! I guess there's a fetish for everything...even cryogenics."

Thank you for repeating the FML.

With all the information Google has on you, I bet if they got some of their scientists and psychologists behind it, they could probably tell you whats in your freezer.

Sounds like google maps on steriods hahaha

Yourheadache 19

^ lmao.... This guy

Steelersman 9

that's just freezy.

FmaFangirl 9


wow I'm ashamed to admit I actually laughed when I saw this post.

I laughed at the stupidity of it. :|

What is in you're freezer? Wanna share with us?

linkinpark98 23

Of Walt Disney.

probably a stash of pubes accumulated from the many generations before him.

Capitan America?

3kmtg 7

I'm gonna go with nothing cause he was too busy on google to get anything to put in the freezer

Google the word moron.

Huh... Your picture came up... Funny that.

ahahaha. I did that just today! I tried to Google something super personal about a family member. Then I realized I was an idiot!

Yourheadache 19

Cool story bro....

That has nothing to do with your addiction, that's just being an idiot.

I think it's laziness more so then idiocy.