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Today, sun was shining and I felt confident enough to go sunbathing at the beach. In only my bikini and towel, I laid out to get some sun. A while later, a little girl came up to me and said, "Aren't you embarrassed that you're so huge?" FML
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Does anyone teach their kids manners anymore? I mean just the basics, I know things are different then when I was a kid but that's ridiculous! Don't let it get to you!

kids can be cruel, knock over sand castle later that will teach her.


traze 7

:) Smile and tell her, "Of course not! There's nothing to be embarrassed about. Big girls get to eat all the cake they want, whenever they want after all" ... ... then ask her if she's embarrassed about her giant nose. I mean, you've never seen one so big on a child so small.

I think this kid is too young to be loving herself... :S

JokersChild310 0

i hate kids. and keep feeling confident!

I think this kid is too young to be loving herself... :S

rebekahah 7

obviously not enough to put on something other than a bikini...

ew!! YDI for going out in a bikini when u know ur obese nasty I'm getting a derection just thinking about it

traze 7

^ had a erection before posting this comment?

she completely deserved it go on a diet

A7X_LoVeee 10

What's up with you and piss? lol

lis54 1

wtf ur a bitch way to make ppl feel good! i bet ur like 200 pounds sitting at that desk looking at the computer screen eating chips!

I'm guessing you?? but still. it's not nice to be mean.. let her feel good in her own skin.. chubby or thin

no, she wasn't referring to me. I didn't say anything mean. you should read through the comments before you type.

I don't think she should be embarrassed to be fat. think about it while everyone counts calories she can eat a big Mac and think nothing if it. generally when it comes down to it you have to choose between good food and good looks :)

If you are fat you are unhealthy no matter what so of course you should be embarassed

^^^love the fat booth^^^ tell the girl she will look like you if she talks baddly about people...

prince122 0

Today, I went to the beach. This really obese girl was sunbathing... in a bikini. FML

Fat girls should never wear bikinis, it's like AIDS for your eyes

4Lonely2Stoner0 0

Maybe she should of used that confidence to go to the gym for a change. I hate fat people, and I hate them even more when they complain about being fat.

I hate it when they complain about being fat yet eat bad. then they say all skinny girls are anorexic. it's called working out or eating right

dbt88 15

I don't see where it says she's actually overweight or obese. The girl could've been rude or she could've been raised to think only anorexia-stick-thin looks good, so anyone else is "huge." A lot of you are no better than the girl.

Since when is a Big Mac good food. Not even considering the health part... It's simply disgusting. You might as well eat polystyrene.

4Lonely2Stoner0 0

We agree with the girl, she should be embarassed.

maybe she was talking about your huge ****?

WTF 167 does anyone besides a complete nerd know what polystyrene even is??

92 that is TFH lol...and probably true

#185 And what's wrong with being a nerd? I'm a nerd and proud.

oblio 0

118, you're one to talk. Put your shirt down, for cryin out loud.

#190, yes 118 is one to talk. He exercises and keeps himself fit. Nothing else to say.

oblio 0

202, just bc someone keeps fit, that doesn't mean the whole world wants to see it. He doesn't think fat girls should wear bikinis, and I think he should keep his shirt down. Samey same. Fit or fat, don't display yourself like a side of beef on a hook.

92, why would you try to make fat people feel good? I understand people who have some sort of health issue that makes them fat but other fat people that whine about being fat it's their fatass fault for not shutting their mouth.

kitkatmiaow 21

185... Seriously? Who doesn't know what polystyrene is?? And OP ignore that kid! Be yourself and screw what other people say! All the people making comments about OP's weight... You don't actually have a clue what her size is. Kids can say stupid things at times. And often, anyone who is not stick thin is considered 'huge'. =^..^=

Sonotsuave 35

And dicks should never comment, it’s like hell for the rest of us 🤷‍♀️

you_failed 15

Kids say the darnest things! But keep being confident. :D

SdCounty33 0

Kids will definitely be kids. :)

JocelynKaulitz 28

Should tell her, "if you got it, flaunt it."

ilOlAtYourfMlnUk 0

lOl maybe you should lose some weight?;)

Yeah, giants tend to knock over castles...

Why do you always capitalize your O's? I t really don't see the point.

ilOlAtYourfMlnUk 0

ey! don't tell me how to live my life!

u fagget i can tell u how to live your life if i want fagg

kids can be cruel, knock over sand castle later that will teach her.

LOL But seriously don't listen to them. Happens all the time to people I know.

The kid doesn't really know any better. She just speaks what she thinks. It's not fair to call her a bitch.

TwatRot69 0

You're the bitch for calling them a bitch without a legitimate reason.

Stupid bitch you spelled Canadian wrong. I'm not even from Canada and I can spell it right. I'm probably younger than you too. I hate stupid people....

Does anyone teach their kids manners anymore? I mean just the basics, I know things are different then when I was a kid but that's ridiculous! Don't let it get to you!

A7X_LoVeee 10

Yeah I agree. However, perhaps this will be a wake up call for OP to start going to the gym.

skyttlz 32

Lol you just said wake up call, and I just got done listening to the maroon 5 song

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Little kids tend to be brutally honest, and there's nothing you can really do to stop them from being that way. They don't really understand yet that what they're saying is offensive or rude. It isn't usually because of the parents. Plus, it's funny.

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what's the anime in your pic?

mandyville 8

Clearly she doesn't feel embarrassed or she wouldn't have done it dumb ass.. It said she was confident. Which means she felt good enough about herself to do it

that little ****. I would have said "aren't you embarrassed that your adopted?"