By cj123 - 23/12/2011 08:43 - United States

Today, my girlfriend yelled at me for breathing too much. FML
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"I'm so sick of you breathing all the time!! Just stop, that's all I ask! Just do this one thing for me and stop breathing!"

Epsilonyx 15

Next time you're in public, stop breathing and cause a scene. When she tells you to stop, sob uncontrollably and scream "ISN'T THIS WHAT YOU WANTED YOU FAT BITCH", then lay in the fetal position and urinate everywhere.


12vballchick12 5

sounds like its someones tim of the month? fyl indeed!

I love how you're in minus for the comment AND you're spelling correction lmao

I love how you're in minus for your comment AND your correction lmao

Damn_Hippster 11

OP, who do you think you are breathing in all that oxygen all the time, just so you can survive?

eyeIoveyou 4

maybe your girlfriend meant that you breathe loudly? c'mon, haven't we all sat in front of that kid during class who you think is annoying for breathing so heavily, even if they can't help it. :3

YDI for breathing too much. Maybe OP is a mouth-breather, though. I can see how hearing that constantly would irritate her.

12vballchick12 5

Haha well I'm sorry! FML commenters expect so much from people! ;)

jillianmathers12 13

Kate Gossiln is your girlfriend???

I breathe a lot and nobody ever said it was annoying. But then again, I am a very experienced breather.

Lol the solution is to ask her if she wants you to stop breathing

bamagrl410 31

108 - You mean like actually having a brain? Yea I guess that is too much to expect out of people these days...

12vballchick12 5

Gosh 123 no need to be so harsh! I was just kidding... but if your in a bad mood its ok we all have those days! ;)

SW500 13

Subtle assassination attempt... kind of. No? Okay. :(

#1 people like you annoy the **** out of me. "oh she's in a bad mood she must be pmsing". No, you know what? Sometimes we're just justifiably/unjustifiably in a bad mood. Just like men are sometimes in a bad mood.

mfazi456 7

^ you're definatly on your period

^ way to be an instigator. You're a moron.

mfazi456 7

Chill it was a joke. Btw no one said anything about her being on her period. Your comment was just a pointless rage

"I'm so sick of you breathing all the time!! Just stop, that's all I ask! Just do this one thing for me and stop breathing!"

bertoelmexicano 6

For either one of you in the picture I'd do anything :) ummmm that's really creepy. Here come the red negative numbers :(

ikickgingers 15

When the 31 one year old talks about doing anything for the 17 year old girl... Yeah, please expect thumbs down...

13, would you boil and eat puppies or babies? Or sever your penis via paper cut?

flockz 19

anything? ok here's a ten foot spiked rod. there's your ass. go.

bertoelmexicano 6

17- Who says im 31? I'll be turning 31 in 14 years.

Oh god...OH GOD. I feel utterly disgusting after reading bertoelmexicano's comment. Why ******* comment on some girl's picture here? It's nothing but creepy. Go shadow some girls at the mall if you're so desperate. Ugh...I need a shower.

nixter5 18

Or place him in a dark room and make him listen to Friday by Rebecca Black on repeat with a 10 foot spiked rod up his ass.

perdix 29

Doc, I agree. That's what the PM system is for! Do your creepy shit in private -- it just might work ;)

flockz 19

i think berto started breathing a little too hard when he saw her picture.

#13 I picture you with a white van and a mustache on Dateline NBC

ikickgingers 15

31... 12... Whatever your real age is... Living in your moms basement. Trolling fml for victims...

he's the type of guy who breaks into girls houses and chokes himself while masturbating and no one finds out until they find him with a belt around his neck and no pulse

monkeysareyummy 0

Haha OP to piss her off you should start breathing like Darth Vadar, "hoooo purrrr.. Hoooooo purrrr"

Break up with her. Girls fight over anything when they are sick of you.

KiddNYC1O 20

Heard from the very own horse's mouth.

I only miss you when im breathing, lol jk, get ****** you camel

uFayel 6

I think she means something...

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Breathe harder & more frequently & see what happens.

flockz 19

just don't look at any small children when you do that.

ikickgingers 15

Is that not appropriate? Shit. I've been doing this all wrong.

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nixter5 18

Or elderly people on oxygen support.

princess151617 4

I would loss it if someone did the opposite of what I said. I tell ppl to breath quieter alllll the time,

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Fake die? A fake die is illegal and very hard to construct without it being visible to the naked eye. You step into a casino with one of those you better be careful.

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40 - I read that over and over again... I finally got it.

What a bitch, flush the toilett when she's showering :)

Llamacod 11

Yeah that would be like totally awesome, unless you have, you know, modern plumbing then it would just be a waste of water.

10 in some newer house the lines are different so it would do anything but then again I might work for them

You don't have to put up with that, dump her!

Dumping everyone because of the smallest things does not fix everything..