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Today, I was video chatting my boyfriend. As we were talking, he answered a phone call. I sat there the whole time as he planned a date with some other girl over the phone. FML
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StillUsesMyspace 22

Should have done jumping jacks. Or hung up, both good options.

OP was probably in shock over the fact that her boyfriend could be so horribly stupid. This is like one of those train wreck situatuons, you know you should do something, but for some reason you just can't look away.

When something shocking actually happens, some people just freeze and stare. No matter what they say they would do if it were to happen.

That would be being in shock, as 24 said

Wtf. How could someone be so stupid? I'm so sorry. But remember, what goes around comes around.

#83 if you're talking about OP, you're a dumbass

#91. You dumbass, of course she was talking about the boyfriend.

incoherentrmblr 21

Not that i'm for it, but was he at least off screen?

smc3106 25

It's possible that he did it on purpose because, who knows? It may just be that OP is a terrible gf. If not, then yeah, he's just an idiot.

nellbell414 13

She wanted to see if he actually got the date! Lol

#4 I'd definitely stick around long enough to say, 'you're kidding, right?' And to see the look on the dumbass' face when he realised he'd been acting like I was in hold.

She was getting some ideas for the future!

TJStarzZ 8

Since he's cheating on you, FYL Since you sat there and let it happen, YDI.

There is no proof that the bf was cheating on op. It could have been a gal-friend of his who were close who planned a date to hangout with each other, but the problem is, is that op was conpletely neglected by her bf.

Well she could have said something or hang up.

#12 I commend you for putting a positive thought to this situation... If that is the case, she should be happy that he trusted her enough to hear that he was making plans with another girl infront of her... Cuz he certainly could have hid his friendship.... Growing up ALL my friends were males, and they occasionally had to explain that we were only friends

ninety 25

If he trusted her enough to see him make plans with a girl "friend" he should have trusted her enough to tell her about this girl "friend" to begin with.

THAT. Are there people your guy isn't introducing you to that are clearly part of his life? Nothing good is being done with those people.

cryssycakesx3 22

waiting since the first person said it...

It would be interesting to hear him explaining himself out of that situation

"oh you see I have split personalities and each personality needs a girl friend except my gay personality"

KingRex 22

Show up at the date and and call him a cheater in front of his date. Now he'll have two ex-girlfriends.

squarecircles 13

And on top of it, make him wear his drink.