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  Dthsapprntc  |  23

OP was probably in shock over the fact that her boyfriend could be so horribly stupid. This is like one of those train wreck situatuons, you know you should do something, but for some reason you just can't look away.

  chosha_fml  |  25

#4 I'd definitely stick around long enough to say, 'you're kidding, right?' And to see the look on the dumbass' face when he realised he'd been acting like I was in hold.

  oreyoes  |  15

There is no proof that the bf was cheating on op. It could have been a gal-friend of his who were close who planned a date to hangout with each other, but the problem is, is that op was conpletely neglected by her bf.

  cwaziemamma  |  16

#12 I commend you for putting a positive thought to this situation... If that is the case, she should be happy that he trusted her enough to hear that he was making plans with another girl infront of her... Cuz he certainly could have hid his friendship.... Growing up ALL my friends were males, and they occasionally had to explain that we were only friends

  ninety  |  25

If he trusted her enough to see him make plans with a girl "friend" he should have trusted her enough to tell her about this girl "friend" to begin with.