By Anonymous - 21/08/2012 06:31 - United Kingdom - Evesham

Today, my girlfriend decided that having OCD will help her lose weight. She is now convinced that walking in and out of doorways multiple times will burn fat. FML
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skittlesmeep 4

Tell her sex would burn more calories.

It will, but nowhere near the amount she wants.


You should break up with her. =P

Why? It's not like she did anything wrong.

Well it's worked for burning brain cells thus far.

Aww that's mean, you shouldn't break up with a girl just for that. I wonder, with your way of thinking, how your love life will be..

All she needs is a door that doesn't work, so she can sweat some fixing it.

mollymayan 3

23 thank you for giving me fap material for the next 3 weeks

With_Love929 3

^^ dude. That girl's 17. You have to be at least in your 20's or 30's so that's just pathetically disgusting. And if you're not that's STILL pathetically disgusting!

1- Breaking up with someone is not the solution for every relationship problem.

Okay FYI I have OCD and just because we have habits of doing possibly strange things doesn't mean it's wrong. He probably excepts her that's why there dating in the first place.

kewlkate 9

107- You're obviously not OCD when it comes to grammar, so what areas ARE you OCD in, just curious.

Aspen_Grace33 27

It could if she did it for hours on end, but let's hope her OCD isn't that bad!

I don't think she actually has OCD, it sounds a bit like she decided to develop the disorder, which is a bit abnormal if you ask me.

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who read it that way.

Aspen_Grace33 27

I agree. A lot of people today, with the help of webMD, develop "disorders" or think they are sick when they truly aren't. Maybe she needs help?

It could if the doorway was 200 metres long...

Seems like she just self diagnosed herself. A lot of people seem to be doing this.

I dunno. Any time I go to webMD and put in my symptoms, the result is either AIDS or cancer.

It will, but nowhere near the amount she wants.

SomeRussianGirl 3

Why is it a FYL because she as OCD and she's trying to think Positive?

skyttlz 32

I don't think she truly has it.

At least she is trying to get in shape? (trying to be positive here...)

skittlesmeep 4

Tell her sex would burn more calories.

saransh 3

In and out continuously multiple times does burns fat. But she is doing it wrong.

And the good thing is, that it's actually true :)

"The old in-out" Now, I'm thinking about "A Clockwork Orange" quotes. :P

It burns calories and tones all in one. 30 mins to an hour a day will do so much more than just walking thru doorways!

Sex in the doorway will burn EVEN MORE calories to her!! ;)

31 you mean I have to have sex 12 times a day???

61 I feel sorry for you if you can only go for 5 minutes at a time

Technically it will. Doing anything burns fat, including chewing gum and laughing- and yes, even walking through a door multiple times. Annoying as hell I'm sure, but pick your battles.

You'd think she'd choose something simpler though, she'll go crazy surely!

Redoxx_fml 22

She's just using it as an excuse to not go to the gym

13 - I don't think she chose this behavior. I think she walks through multiple doors because she has OCD, and just came up with the idea that it would help her burn fat as well.

AndriaLeeB 5

75- I don't think she does. It sounds like she just up and decided to have OCD, at least how I read it.

Iknoweverything 29

Tell her that banging her head against the wall repeatedly will burn 150 calories an hour. Maybe she'll knock some sense into herself.

Yes it will, but not enough to make her lose 10 lbs in a month! Tell her real dieting will work better, or just maybe some exercising in the bedroom will do the trick:)

The_F3rris 11

Any advice from a justin bieber fan is invalid

But advice from a Pokemon fan is A-ok! ;D

Who cares if 7 like Justin bieber. Everyone liked there own thing and that makes the world interesting. And OP, tell her sex will burn a lot more fat then walking through doorways. And it's even the truth.

TallMist 32

#51 please do tell how just because someone has an opinion different from yours that automatically makes what they say incorrectly. Because, last I checked, it is only an opinion. Not something that decides if a person is worthless or not.

TallMist 32

You guys can thumb me down, but that doesnt make it any less true.

Well to be quite honest any type of body movement in some way burns calories so she's not completely wrong lol.

She decided to "get" OCD? That's how it sounded. To me at least.

I read it that way, too. What is she thinking, she'll get someone with OCD to sneeze on her like it's the flu?

Reminds of the south park episode where cartman gets Tourette's

mdds 2

my thought exactly. oh well if she doesn't have it she will fail at two things, weight loss and making herself have OCD.

Oh no!! Those are the in betweens... Trolls can get her when she's in the doorways!

Where else did that come from? I only remember seeing that on Charmed.