By majorlyturnedoff - United States
  Today, after his second week of babysitting, my boyfriend has begun the disturbing habit of saying, "Ready or not, here I come!" every time he's about to orgasm. He doesn't see why this doesn't appeal to me. FML
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  downtime  |  12

59, It doesn't say it reminds him of that, it just says he used the line. If he's been saying it a lot it may have just come to him, much like any other comment people think of during sex.

  OriginalimoaN  |  15

I'm aware it doesn't say there is any connection between those two acts; I was simply giving my opinion that it's just kinda creepy over here in my phone-FML-land.

  downtime  |  12

98, Then allow me to fix your previous comment...
"Obviously he says it while playing hide and seek with them, but it would be* really creepy if* sex with his gf reminds him of playing hide and seek with kids..."

By  theannak  |  7

...I am so sorry. I can see how this could be awkward. Just come up with an even more awkward thing you could say, and tell him if he doesn't stop, you'll start saying it.

  elliotb94  |  9

How would this help the situation? Op explain to him the situation and tell him how it makes you feel during sex then if he cares about having a physical relationship with you (which I'm sure he does) hopefully he will stop :)

  downtime  |  12

39, The more you react to it the more he will say it. Honestly, just let it go, he will get over it in a week or so and you'll be back to normal.

  Dunvanation  |  4

For serial killers, transvestites, albino French Africans, demon cars, broccoli collectors, witch impersonators, and meth addicts. I hope I helped clear that up for you :)

  zandalee  |  19

First stage:
Go home tonight, get your bondage gear on, tie him up then stand over him with a black whip.
Second stage:
Convince him that there are better things to murmur/shout whilst on the throes of passion.

  Dr0reos  |  8

Well OP next time, right as he's about to finish yell "Did i tell you my aunt died in this bed" the look on his face will be the funniest thing you see all day.

  ygdrassil  |  17

I agree that it should be "cum" in order to distinguish it from the actual meaning of "come", the only time it shows up here is in a fixed quote.