By Anonymous - 12/12/2011 01:16 - United States

Today, I was sick and laid up in bed, and my boyfriend decided to bring me some soup. Just as he reached the bed, he tripped over his own feet and spilled the soup all over me. FML
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Awww he was bringing you soup that's so sweet :)


Now get him to lick it off of you ;) Okay maybe spilled soup isn't the sexiest thing in the world, but y'all could make it work :D

n_epic_fail 14

Did you let him lick it off you?...

I honestly can not see any likely way in which he could have done that by accident haha

n_epic_fail 14

30 - that's pretty much saying "I don't see how anyone can possibly trip and fall"..

Everyone knows #30 is a ninja. He's never tripped over himself before. What a stud!

Well it's the thought that counts... If you had a fever then you probably couldn't even tell... Besides it being liquid.

on the bright side, your boyfriend can get you wet even when you're sick..

the_fuck_is_this 2

Counter uav is up they're blind

Awee OP i hope you didn't scream at him and make him feel like shit , because he was probably feeling bad for spilling soup all over you, he worked hard to make it too.

First catch the chickens from the coop, then make them into soup. Walk carefully up the stairs, but watch out for chairs ! Be cautious not to fall and spill it all over your mate or she fill be full of anger and hate! If you happen to spill, when she is Ill, head to the mall and buy her it ALL!

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99- Really? I think you need to maybe get out more...

Ha! To the OP, that's no fun, but at least he tried to be sweet. He probably should post an FML too.

xSonic 9

Haha yeah, I was about to say, "Hey atleast you're feeling warm now." :)


All puns are terrible...which us what makes them good

Awww he was bringing you soup that's so sweet :)

It's the thought that counts... unless you spill hot soup on me.

jaredofmo 22

Yeah, it sucks he spilled it on you, but what a sweetheart!

What a cute guy for bringing you soup!

Aww that was really sweet of him! It's the thought that counts:) feel better OP!

Darnit.. Someone already said "it's the thought that counts" but hey..I tried!

Yeah, that was sweet. A+ for thoughtfulness, C- for clumsiness... Still, very good intentions shouldn't be punished.

it was very sweet. so not his fault for tripping. = it does suck. but at least he was trying =)

StopDropNRoll 11

What if the plan was to "trip"? And he was just being a douche >.>

Xo_CuPcAkLuVa_oX 6

2-That's what I was thinking :) thought that counts.. at least he tried instead of makin you bring him soul.

That is rather sweet of a guy to do that for a girl nowadays

I would say "It's the thought that counts," but I've had soup spilled on me, and it hurts like hell.

jellitonoctopus 19

23, acid soap would be more painful than hot soup.

Soap generally has a pH of 7-10, making it a base, if not neutral. Just saying.

Lol I misread the FML I thought it was soap instead of soup, I guess soup does make more sense, my apologizes.

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it's the thought that counts. good thing he's sweet :)

crazy_whitechick 6

Well at least he's a good boyfriend...

Stormdriven37 6

The kind but klutzy. They mean well but, they're klutzy.

"Hey babe got ya some soup so you can feel bet-" *BOOF*

youcantwin 8

Did you read the same FML as me? I thought it was sweet, personally...

KiddNYC1O 20

She obviously means the situation...