By TheRunaway21 - 06/04/2015 20:49 - United States

Today, my mother admitted to me that she sends me up and down the stairs to get things for her because she thinks I could use the exercise. FML
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She just could've told you her concerns instead of you fetching her own things.


Sometimes tough love can make us grasp reality. I'm sure as bad as it sounds it might be a good thing for motivation. Good luck op. Best of luck!

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But then doesn't that just make the mom lazy if she makes her daughter get all of her things for her?

Op shouldn't have to do anything she doesn't want to just because someone else, mother or not, wants her to.

I think a genuinely concerned mother does have more than enough right to enforce anything that will help op be a better and healthier person. The only thing wrong here is that op seems to think that she knows more than her mother and doesn't even consider her advice without being very insulted.

You might see it as mean, and although I don't think what she did was the best way of handling things, I think she's just trying to look out for her daughter. This doesn't even mean she's fat. I'm skinny and I still need to exercise more to have a healthy body. Exercising isn't just for overweight people.

#16, Dude when I have kids, I will boss them the **** around! Kids are so lazy now. I'll be like "Me and your dad put a roof over your head and buy you Spongebob Macaroni, now go get me my bowling ball!" Dads gotta be tough, know what I means? Two dads means no bullshit.

Seriously? They're not your property.. Just because you put a roof over their heads and give them food, ya know actually keeping them alive, doesn't mean you get to boss the poor kid around. And this bs that 'kids are lazy now', this hypothetical kid isn't even alive yet?? Be a good parent and encourage them to enjoy whatever sport they like best, not bitch them out for being alive is2g..

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LOL 29 but what if they want just regular macaroni?

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That's probably an excuse she tells you to cover her own laziness

Well you both benefit I guess *if* you do need the exercise..

I have to say that's the harsh way to tell you your body is fat.

Or, yanno, they maybe out of shape in another way? Legs may be weak and need strengthening? Lungs? Exercise isn't always about losing weight.

I'm sure it's meant with the best of u intensions

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And it wouldn't have been easier just to be honest?

Not always. It can be really hard to tell someone that you care about that they need to watch their weight. My cousin for example is severely obese. She's 25 and it's going to kill her if she doesn't change her lifestyle. Nobody is really telling her/helping her and she's pretty much in denial anyway. It is not always easy, especially if the person isn't obese but just getting chubby/fat because then it's not life threatening. A lot of people would see that as fat shaming when in reality I'm sure the mom is just trying to prevent a problem occurring.

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That sounds mean, but hey, really she's looking out for you, OP