By Anonymous / Tuesday 13 December 2011 20:26 / United States
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  Jirekianu2  |  19

There are a few things you don't just tolerate. A girlfriend liking twilight? Sure, long as they admit it's not the pinnacle of literature. Little quirks are fine. This is fundamental and stubborn ignorance that can be very indicative of her overall personality. OP, explain that if anything not burping reduces her weight. Warm air rises.

  Hunthas  |  17

Technically she is losing volume due to the release of gasses from her stomach.. She will have less mass the more she burps... Sooo... Yea... Conservation of masses>idiots who judge while having less knowledge then those they are critiquing...

  unitedfan11  |  0

Oh so you have one of those type of girls. Just tell her it's a scientifically proven fact that burping too much leads to obesity. That'll make her stop for sure.

  jwade11  |  12

Ok so I love number 7's picture (and yes I just commented on someone's picture).. I love cats!!!......... And next, ummm.... OP's gf seems dumb as hell. I mean, I AM DITSY and I know burping doesn't do that! But honestly burping isn't hurting her so go on and let her do it, it's not hurting anyone. She can just continue burping thinking she's getting slimmer. What can you do.....

  FarSide  |  22

I'll tell you why. Because it doesn't stop with burping or farting to shed weight. Next she will think FMYLife is an advice column, global warming is real, toilet water swirls counter-clockwise in Southern Hemisphere, Santa is fake, etc... etc... etc...

OP just has to nip in the bud. Nip it. Nip.

  DFlit1  |  0

Well global warming is real... It may not have the direct and noticeable effect of getting really hot all of a sudden but the earth is climbing in temperature every year and believe it or not will result in the next iceage happening much sooner than the earth originally planed. Thumb me down but science has proven this theory, it's happened before except much slower

  DFlit1  |  0

Ya the earth goes thru natural phases of climate shift and the earth get really warm and it causes it to fall dramatically into an iceage it's happened hundreds of time in the earths history and it will happen again global warming simply states that we as humans r speeding up that process which will cause the next iceage must sooner than it should have happened

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