By innocent cat lady - 07/07/2015 18:19 - United States

Today, my boyfriend freaked out at me because he found a couple of orange hairs in my bed and he knows my ex is a redhead. He also knows I have two orange cats. FML
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So that adds two more suspects to who you cheated on him with...

That's not just a wrong conclusion. That's trust issues and insecurity. My husbands ex is blonde. We also have a golden retriever of the same color. When I find blond hairs I automatically assume my dog was there. Thinking his ex was in our house doesn't even cross my mind.


I'd hate to insult blonds by asking if he is one--stupidity is indifferent to hair color, after all.

Idiots come in all shapes and sizes my friend..

ofc a blond finds this offensive cuz they would be stupid enough to be offended by something so trivial

@34 I am found and I offend this blonde

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#53 I find blondes offend me.

sounds like he thinks this is quite CAT-astrophic

You should have known you'll get thumbs down for that pun...

Car hair and human hair are nothing alike. You might want to have a talk with him or break up with him if he trusts you that little.

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Ah, the classic "break up with him" comment.

We have Devon Rex cats. Their fur is curly and looks like pubic hair. It's pretty hilarious when someone visiting finds one somewhere, like in a table.

He got scared, and you want her to abandon him, because he got scared. you need to reevaluate the way you treat people. You wouldn't want a boyfriend of yours to abandon you, because you got scared. trust and being scared aren't mutually exclusive.

As others have said, he had to be pretty untrusting to immediately jump to her cheating with an ex rather than thinking its just animal fur. Animals shed a lot, after all. I think most people would jump to cat rather than "OMG SHES CHEATING".

If be worried if I were him too! Those fuzzy fur balls are good at winning hearts!

What I learned from this fml Cats > people

What I learned from this FML: Cats cause problems.

Or they help you realize your boyfriend is psycho!

I could see where he came from. But I'd hope after 10 seconds of thought he'd notice.

Sounds like he overreacted huh? Sorry op

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Two negatives make a positive. Yes, they have souls.

So that adds two more suspects to who you cheated on him with...

Add Chester Cheetah to the list. He wears sunglasses so you know he's good with the ladies.

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It shouldn't be startling if she has orange cats.