By maddiebauer - 26/07/2012 14:48 - United States - Plainfield

Today, my mom once again commented on how I need to work out. It has come to the point that I now walk around in exercise clothes and have a bottle of water/fake sweat to put on, just so she thinks I work out. This is how lazy I am. FML
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CoolRainbowdash 15

That's kinda sad.

Why are you so dead set against exercising??


CoolRainbowdash 15

That's kinda sad.

Sounds like something my sister would do lmao =P

HelloGuys 4

OP, you put more effort into pretending to workout..than actually trying it..

Damn_Hippster 11

OP ydi. If you go through all that trouble to pretend to work out, then you might ass well actually work out.

1- not really. If you haven't ever worked out before/new to, it would be kinda hard. But still, YDI OP for not just working out.

You have the choice between stepping out of the pool and being compare to Michael Phelps or stepping out of the pool an being compared to Michael Moore. Choose wisely...

I hate working out myself because its too boring. Try playing a sport where you don't stare at a screen while running inside a room.

TheDrifter 23

It may be sad now, but not nearly as sad as seeing someone who wants to start, but has been lazy so long that nobody makes workout clothes in their size.

18- That's exactly what I was thinking. OP should try to put effort into actually working out instead of pretending. I'm sure if he/she put that effort into working out, he/she would see results pretty quickly. I'm sure OP spends at least 10-15 min setting up his pretending. Just a thought! :)

OP should find an exercise which he/she enjoys doing so exercise becomes something to look forward too

You think it's only kinda sad? I think it's mucho sad

Laurenlou 24

36- Working out can be very fun for anyone. I grab some hand weights and do sit-ups, push ups, and dance exercises to my favorite music. A short 10 minute run around a neighborhood is easy and can be fun too. :) Working out does not need to be in front of a screen! I give this advice to OP as well. Just stupidly dancing in your room is a good workout!

PrincessesCrown 17

With all the effort OP is putting into looking like he/she works out; I wouldnt call Op lazy at all. It seems like less effort would be used in really getting in shape.

You can do small work outs OP. for example if you live in a building don't take the elevator use stairs. You can also go outside play sports with friends. If not then just go outside for a walk with friends or even alone while listening to music. These things help !

78~ that was me at first. But then I realized that the only people making fun of me were the people too lazy to run. People that run don't make fun of other runners. It's pretty much a law.

122- I made fun of a runner for running with a donut in his hand. I think that situation is an exception.

You can always run with friends, outside, see some scenery

Ok well obviously people have different views on "working out". For me it's either find a friend to go to the gym with and do hard workouts, or nothing at all. Staying at home doing boring jogging for a little or having a parent that's trying to force you to work out can actually be detrimental as it can make someone hate working out, which is going to prevent any progress.

That, OP, is more than kind of sad. You are just a lazy ****! Does your mom ride your ass about how fat you still are after you have been "WORKING OUT?" lazy!!!!!

cdelton22 3

Fat bastard from Austin powers

Why are you so dead set against exercising??

I was too, then I tried! Seriously, OP! Just give it a try!

Depends on several things. I work 9+ hours a day, travel 80 miles a day, and so on. You get the idea. It's was very hard for me to find the will power to start when I have so little free time and being exhausted by days end. I now at least bike.

TheDrifter 23

49, I find the trick is to work out while cooking. Check the food between sets and hit the shower after you eat, so your body is still in fat burning mode as you digest. No time wasted and an effective workout.

^ best way to do it.

49 - I'm in exactly the same situation as you and I still hit the gym for an hour four days a week and go for a run at the weekend. You just have to work it into your schedule and you have lots more energy ironically.

Get off your lazy ass. That's sad. You need some motivation.

I think my point echoes all the others' statements: You ALWAYS have time to exercise. Whether it's on your lunch break at work, or right after you've finished all of your daily duties, you can always squeeze in a little time to work up a good sweat and elevate your heart rate. After all, all you need is 30 minutes (and possibly less, if your workout is particularly intense). The bad thing is that I hear the exact same excuse virtually EVERY TIME a lazy bastard complains about being a sedentary bump on a log. If the physically disabled and the elderly can find a means to do it, then SO CAN YOU. </soapbox>

TheDrifter 23

Lunch break at work is a terrible idea, unless you exercise in a gym with showers available. There is a guy at work who jogs in, and you can smell if he's on time or not.

141- people may always have the time, but not always the energy to do it. if you're worn out after a long day or work and just ready to rest, yeah you have the time, but lot the energy to do it

I know that feeling! However, even that is an excuse -- working out actually gives you energy. If you are already worn out, then you may not be at your peak performance levels (when compared to a fully rested individual), but trust me, it's the best thing for you. Most times, it's your own mind holding you back from doing your workout. It happens to me too! FYI, I work 12 or more hours a day.

Also, Drifter, I was citing that as an example. Everyone's scenario is different; some people have longer lunch breaks than others. I understand the importance of coming in to work not smelling like you've spent the better part of an hour rolling around in fresh pig shit. :D The important thing to take away from this is that you can squeeze the workout time into your schedule wherever it best fits. It may not necessarily be during your lunch break.

166, That excuse makes perfect sense if you're an athlete or bodybuilder trying to constantly improve on yourself. If you're just someone trying to get in some exercise for the day that is a pathetic excuse.

TheDrifter 23

181, yeah, I just wanted people to remember to shower after if they're going to be around people. Bad BO is a pet peeve of mine. I do half to an hour while making dinner on weekdays, plus 2 hours of cardio and the non lethal combat classes I teach on weekends. It works well for me.

194 -- true indeed. BO makes me want to roundhouse-kick innocent passers-by into brick walls. -_-

You should try actually working out instead of putting that much time into faking it. You'd already have results

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CallMeMcFeelii 13

I agree that it makes you feel better. After a lot of blood, sweat, and tears if you hit the goal you were trying for it's so worth it. But you need to have a goal whether it be losing weight or gaining weight.

Took the words outta my mouth.

It's easy for you guys to say, and I could say the same as well, but if you're far from your comfort zone, sometimes you'll put more effort towards avoiding the problem than actually working on it. I don't think it's the right thing to do, but for this person, this is something that needs to be worked on over time. My parents must have told me 1000 times that if I put the efforts I put in my lifestyle and workouts in school, I'd have straight A's instead of the C's I'm getting.

Dominodev 3

Now if you would only put that much effort in to actually working out...

Especially in Illinois, where people are always walking, jogging, running, and bicycling. OP could defenitly put some effort.

Yeah I constantly see people biking,walking,running and swimming in Michigan.

I think your doing more work by trying to look like your exercising. Just get on a damn treadmill!!

It's good in the long run. Heh.

make sure u turn on the eye of the tiger song... that will really sell it to your mom

It amazes me people can go to such lengths to AVOID being healthy.

Trisha_aus 15

Yeah I don't understand either! People don't seem to understand how good it is for you, and your health in the long run. And working out doesn't necessarily have to be doing push ups and lifting weights, it can be as simple as playing a game of volleyball, footy or surfing. Fun + burning calories!

Its because bacon cheeseburgers taste so good.

Oh well. It's OP's choice if they want to die at 60

Maybe find something that you can really get in to, like rock climbing or cycling or dance. Then it will be fun to work out and you won't have to go out of your way to get your mom off your back.

Kick boxing is another fun thing to try.

Don't feel bad ,alot of people put a front on,walk around with exercise clothes on & they don't even work out. If want to exercise ,start off slow with just walking everyday .

rcgirl2 11

YOU CAN DO IT OP! All it takes is a little dedication and motivation. :)


Motivation begins a routine, habit keeps it going