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Today, my girlfriend announced to everyone at dinner that she was no longer a virgin. This was news to everyone: her parents, siblings, best friend, and me. FML
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imtooshy 18

Did she also announce how sorry she was for acting like an ass? That shit isn't announcement's personal. I don't think she's old enough for sex by the way she's acting.

mybarra6 17

Another FML about an unfaithful gf/bf...doesn't surprise me as much anymore...FYL OP


Burn. She was also announcing she was no longer your girlfriend. Sorry OP.

Damian95 16

Cheaters never win. I say get rid of the skank.

jman26 11

No she was announcing that she was really a no good cheating whore who doesn't deserve a loyal boyfriend. Sorry OP, you'll find someone better

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#34 Aaaa... where exactly does it say she cheated?? She just said she wasn't a virgin anymore, which could have happened at any point in time before the relationship with OP. Plus, this obsession with virginity is totally idiotic. Check out Laci Green's video LET'S LOSE "VIRGINITY"

ravenh1979 13

Hell to the yeah!! Agreed!! :)

CharresBarkrey 15

59 - How would it be an FML if she hasn't cheated?

#67 Because it's awkward to talk about sex and V-card status at dinner in front of everyone? Because people are obsessed with virginity and the girl is not "pure" enough for him anymore? Because she presumably was not honest with OP during a previous discussion? Take your pick. I'm so sick of slut shaming.

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jman26 11

#59 #72 #74: Look at it this way, if it were before they got together, OP wouldn't say that it's news to him either. The fact that he states she's "no longer a virgin" speaks for itself.

Thanks #74 , but reading the other comments, MY faith in humanity is gone. Yes, she's "no longer a virgin", aka she WAS one before, ISN'T one now. It was never specified however, WHEN the happy (maybe) event happened. Just because she doesn't know what represents appropriate dinner conversation, she is presumed to be evil, a cheater, and a WHORE. How does someone go from "no longer a virgin" to "whore" in 10 seconds??? And only because OP is angry and bitter.

NagainaFier 16

This is not an issue of 'she's a whore because she's not a virgin'; it's an issue because, from the context of the FML, she cheated on OP. Which frankly, if you cheat, I don't what your reasons are- you earn whatever title you get. It's kinder to dump them if you're going to fuck someone else. It's implied that she was a virgin when they started dating. This FML clearly states that he wasn't aware she is 'no longer' (and we can pull the argument of 'technically any woman who's had sex ever is no longer a virgin', but that seems ridiculous to play that card in this instance) a virgin. I'm going to assume it's less about her 'no longer being pure enough for him' and more 'she fucking cheated'. Conversely, it could be argued that OP assumed she's a virgin (maybe because she just didn't feel comfortable sleeping with him yet) to which all I have to say is, he had that coming to him; just because a girl slept with her last boyfriend doesn't mean she's obliged to spread 'em for the current one. This isn't a slut shaming argument; all you 'virginity is over rated' morons annoy me just as bad as the 'if she has had sex, ever, and isn't married, she's a whore' morons. If you think sex is casual, fucking great- if you want to wait until marriage, or at least until you're in a committed relationship, that's fine too. I personally don't give a crap either way, and neither should you.

Well, thank you for making my point while pretending to disagree with me :) The post is ambiguous. Everything "is implied" and "from the context" you could choose to understand whatever you want: 1. She is a cheater and for some reason just decided to announce it at dinner in front of everybody, out of the blue (and I don't think that's true, since cheating is not really something to brag about... except in Eurotrip's "Scotty doesn't know") 2. OP presumed she was a virgin, she casually said that she is not (maybe it's not a big deal for her) and she lost her "status" as a virgin princess in the eyes of her boyfriend. Now he is pissed of, jealous, bitter, and prone to make self-pitying posts on the internet. Either can be true. The point is that everyone ASSUMES automatically that number 1 is true. She is a cheater, a whore, a slut, and other "nice" titles. It is a general tendency to assume the worst about every female party in a situation like this. It is ALWAYS the woman's fault. She is the whore. And the fact that other women agree with her being labeled that, think that she "deserves" it (no matter the circumstances), is just... SAD.

NagainaFier 16

Woah there, Nelly! Easy girl, easy! You're taking this waaaaay out of proportion. No one is 'blaming her' solely because she's a woman. They're blaming her because the obvious assumption is 'if she was a virgin when she and OP started dating, and now she's not, short of an angel coming to her in the middle of the night, she CHEATED.' Hence the name calling. Your ranting about virginity and propriety really has no place here; everyone's assuming here (including you), because OP did not explicitly state 'my GF told me she was a virgin/I thought she was a virgin because -blank-'. And how exactly did I 'prove your point right by pretending to disagree'? I do disagree with your 'virginity is over rated/everyone's slut shaming everyone' rantings, because they are completely irrelevant to the FML. You're twisting it out of context to suit your own little goals of 'shame everyone who doesn't have my mindset, they're all wrooooonnnng!!!' Fact of the matter is, if OP KNEW hid GF was a virgin, then she's a cheater, since there's only one way to loose your virginity. If he ASSUMED she was a virgin, then he kinda had it coming to him, but on the other hand, that ties straight back into my first point. It's not a matter of she's no longer a pure little princess- it's a matter of her cheating on him.

Your argument just got invalid soley for the fact that you watch Laci Green. jk, but still Laci Green SUCKS.

imtooshy 18

Did she also announce how sorry she was for acting like an ass? That shit isn't announcement's personal. I don't think she's old enough for sex by the way she's acting.

Or she's just mental, I've read enough fmls to know some people just don't know how the hell to act :)

mybarra6 17

Another FML about an unfaithful gf/bf...doesn't surprise me as much anymore...FYL OP

FML has gone down hill. Lots of obviously BS fmls go through now. And when you call them out you get moderated. And all these pop up ads suck too. Here's an FML for you. " today I logged onto FML. FML. " moderate away!

Seriously wtf is wrong with people now

Nothing has changed. The real question is "What has always been wrong with people?"

what an awkward moment that must have been...

Maybe there is a reason she announced it so publicly, and it may be made up for some reason. I'd inquire further before acting.

Why would she make that up? Now everybody thinks she's a cheating whore

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peachesncreem 21

I hope after her announcement, you announced you're no longer in a relationship.

oj101 33

Doesn't matter, had sex.

Uhm, no he didn't...

oj101 33

#16 - I was referring to the girlfriend.

In that case, that's a rather tasteless joke.

MrSarcasmic 10

I don't know what it coule be but It doesn't seem like you're using that right.

Wow... That certainly made the rest of dinner pretty awkward and painful...

well, time to move on my friend. cheating bitch isn't worth your time.