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Today, I invited over my girlfriend of two years to spend my birthday night with her. Instead of a conventional wrapped birthday present, she gave me the news that she has taken a vow of chastity. FML
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No Birthday sex? Aww buddy I feel so bad for you. Excuse me while I go have sex with my girlfriend.

I bet the Afro is involved in some kinky games, right?


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Looks like you'll have to wrap your own present for a while, IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!?

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In America you give Obama birthday sex

DON'T WORRY! Statistically, she is just as likely to have sex with you, and more likely to not use a condom. I would wait it out a few months until she forgets about it, and one day turn her on enough that she won't be able to say no.

HA HA HA... i love irony, 'cause you won't be getting ******... So can that technically be called a "****" my life? heh heh heh... nonetheless, good for her. There's too many skanky ****** running around. Respect her for her decision.

Who cares if someone's a *****? Assuming they're not walking around in public with clothes that barely count as underwear. If you want to have sex with every boyfriend/girlfriend you get then go ahead. And, do you really consider a girl who has sex with her BF of 2 years a *****?

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yeah totally. taking a vow of chastity is a good thing and if she wants to do it he should be proud of her.

Good job sir. I'm sick of these bible toting assholes trying to spread their bullshit everywhere.

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She still should have gotten him a present!

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No Birthday sex? Aww buddy I feel so bad for you. Excuse me while I go have sex with my girlfriend.

You could either break up with her, or marry her. FYL.

How would marrying her help? It says she took a vow of celibacy, not of abstinence-till-marriage. On a different note, I love how the Bible tells couples to satisfy each others needs and that, if they agree to take some time off sex, God doesn't want such denials to last long. (He knows what we need; He invented sex :)

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no, God says for MARRIED people to not go too long without sex or else you will get tempted to cheat. He does not say couples.

^LOL that was so straightforward XD

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Or he could respect her choice, you asshole.

144, God doesn't say shit, the bible says things. No proof = no argument.

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ahh, theres no problem if she's decided not to have sex.

Yes there is. The problem is her not wanting to have sex.

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agreed with #220. assholes -.-

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Four, five, and mostly six you are total ass holes. I do feel sorry for you through, op. That sucks, but it made me laugh a lot.

madmad080 0

and that's the problem with sex, people think they need it to have a meaningful relationship, they think sex is what makes the relationship. and it is not at all like your fiance saying she/he didn't want to be engaged. they are in totally different categories.

Sex isn't what MAKES a romantic relationship, but it's still a pretty big ******* part of it. If OP and his girlfriend have conflicting views on intimacy and such, should he really feel obligated to stay with her?

graciedacie 0

I'm confused how you couldn't see this coming after 2 years...unless this is a new commitment she has made after already being sexually active with you?

After two years have you not had sex with her? Or does she not realize that a vow of chastity is pretty pointless if she's already had sex?

graciedacie 0

Chastity merely means you are abstaining from sexual relations. How does this become pointless simply because one has had sex in the past? To each their own!

Well, that's why I said "pretty" pointless and not "completely". It's just that, without a milestone in both directions (ie. virgin from birth till marriage being the most common) it seems increasingly arbitrary, especially if she's declaring it while she's with the same romantic partner as she has been for two years.

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Yeah, I know what you mean, but I still think he should be happy for her and accept her choice if he really loves her.

Why should he be happy? She's obviously out ******* some other guy.

Sun_Kissed18 25

Yes obviously... because she can't just decide to not have sex with him anymore for religious reasons. There HAS to be another guy...

"religious reasons"? i find it hard to believe that there are still cavemen in this world, who believe in that religious bullshit. saying "i want to abstain from sex for religious reasons" sounds a lot less emotionally debilitating than "i want to **** someone else instead".

lmmmr 0

I find it hard to believe that cavemen who don't grasp the importance and power of various religions in this world still exist. Turn on a ******* TV. Wars are being fought over it, it's clearly important enough for someone to decide not to have sex over it.

microtrd 0

You can be happy for her and accept her choice. That doesn't mean you still have to date her. I love a lot of girls, consider them close friends. But if my girlfriend all of a sudden wanted to stop having sex, she'd be no different from any of them.

i'm not one to believe that wars are fought over the religion itself. perhaps, religion is a small part of the reason (if at all). religion is obviously a "cover" for the real reasons (personal gain, whether it be land, natural resources, monies, etc) are people really that docile? i really wouldn't like to think so.

lmmmr 0

Then you don't love your girlfriend. I'm sorry, but love for friends and love for significant others is not the same thing. You know nothing about love if you believe otherwise.

59: there are a lot of people in this world who believe in waiting until marriage. I'm not one of them, but I know plenty of people who chose to wait. I find it hard to believe that you're so blind and you just think it has to be your way.

so what you're saying is, ALL of them are doing it for "religious reasons", right? no ulterior motives or anything? seems unlikely.

microtrd 0

Everyone I know that this has happened to, it ended up that she/he was ******* someone else on the side. (Most of them were dudes).

@#85. You expressed your opinion, then you said that anyone who disagrees with you knows nothing about the subject. To most people reading this, it becomes "obvious" (regardless of whether or not it is "true") that you think you're always right and that your opinions are above being questioned and discussed, that you are such an authority on the subject that nobody else's opinion can be taken seriously when it disagrees with your own. Since nobody can be always right, they are led to the conclusion that you are most likely arrogant and irrational (again, regardless of whether or not it is "true"). I'm not saying that I don't think you have the right to post comments like the one you did -- in fact I think anyone should have the right to express his or her opinion anytime and anywhere. But you have written longer and more insightful posts further down on the page, so evidently you are trying to convince someone of something rather than simply trolling this site. You won't get far in achieving your goal if you don't give the appearance of open-mindedness and respect for others' opinions.

madmad080 0

people can abstain for religious reason but have other reasons also. the whole point is that God knows the best way to do things, so we abstain because God wants us to AND because it is proven that people who abstain have much better relationships and deeper relationships with that 1 person.

waterynuggets 0

Lol that explains why half or more marriages end in divorce. You're no better than anyone because you don't get any dick or pussy just like someone isn't if they do get it. And your relationship is not more meaningful just because you don't ****. Get over urself bb.

@#153, are you personally offended by my comments, or do you just think that I'm a loser for spending so much time writing a single post?

#61 The fact that people are fighting wars over it doesn't mean that it's important, it means that people are idiots #58 Ok, she's ******* another guy or she's an idiot/coward who believes that both A: there is a god that actually gives a damn if you have sex with your boyfriend of 2 ******* years and B: This god is worth following. #148 Prove it

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My boyfriend and I have been dating for over a year. We're still virgins. I won't have sex. Not because I'm ******* some other guy or I'm religious or waiting until marriage. It's because I'm still in ******* high school. I don't think it's appropriate for people in high school to become sexually active, so I don't do it. There ARE other reasons besides cheating and being religious. Don't assume :/

Wow.. every GUY that commented on this is a jackass and a waste.. Most likely she's just ******* with you to see how you take it so she knows if you really love HER or just the sex. Don't stress it dude. If she isn't ******* with you, just be glad she wont give you any VD's wedding night xD

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And if that's what she's doing, she deserves to get dumped. Mind games are garbage and so are the people who play them.

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Agree. People just need to be honest and straight to the point.

Your picture makes me queasy. I can understand why no guy'll **** you.