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By  jassylove3  |  0

you can get lipo on you face
I went to the consultation and was about to do a mini tuck tummy lipo and face and chin
so yeah you can..that was mean of her! I would do what first answer said! hell yeah smack the sh*t out of her!

By  HotSauce_fml  |  0

Fat is a choice. Everytime you take a bite that you shouldnt you're choosing to be fat. If you're in need of a Lipo... learn about nutrition and exercise. Might i suggest such websites as and Honestly, just learn a little bit and apply it to your life and you'll lose weight... then, when you're not fat and in need of lipo, rub it in your moms face. But please stop spamming my FML with these "Im fat QQ " posts.

  FHS_9th  |  0

Fat isn't ALWAYS a choice. I know plenty of people that have exercised, dieted, and everything. They're just naturally big. I'm like that. I exercise, I eat healthy. I've even developed an intolerance toward McDonald's and Burger King. I LITERALLY can not eat fast food anymore because of the fact that my body has adjusted to HEALTHY foods, but I'm still fat. It's natural, I can't do anything about it unless I want to pay for surgery and NO WAY am I doing that. Getting surgery done is definitely NEVER going to happen with me.

  sashalynn  |  0

I know you may be trying to help, but some people are naturally big-boned so that may make them look "fat". I am one of those people. I have dieted and exercised, but with no results. So please, dont make fun of big people. and, actually, you can eat whatever you want, but just a moderate amount of it.

  chefkobel  |  0

No you are fat because you are fat . Of you aren't losing weight eating healthy and exercising either you aren't really eating salty or you aren't working out enough to see weight loss because the way you look at it , you probably are only doing the minimal exercise to maintain weight and people don't get that you have to exercise to maintain weight