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Today, I had dinner at my girlfriend's house with her parents. Everything was going great, until after dinner when her dad pulled me aside and told me he'd heard us having sex. I was out of town all weekend for a baseball tournament. FML
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Instead of "DUMP THAT *****" I'm going to go with a more elegant "ditch that bitch"

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That sucks! It happen to me....with my wife! While I was out of town for Training...


savona01 7

That sucks! It happen to me....with my wife! While I was out of town for Training...

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Perhaps she was....flicking the bean?

Im sorry but why would our dad know what you sound like during sex?

17 - I think most people can distinguish sex noises from other sounds, and why would dad assume his daughter was having sex with anyone other than her boyfriend?

I swear to god it was 18 when I posted, not 17

Have you ever heard anyone having sex? Come on? Was she doing her eyebrows? Please!

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The word Bitch will do just fine here. ;)

OP, dump that selfish bitch. You deserve much better than that!!

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Kind of weird that he would tell you rather than his own daughter...

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Well... It's time for someone's ass to be kicked.

82- I know.... But I just didn't want to say it that way... If that's ok with you :P

21, I believe that 17** probably meant to say *your* which, since it was HER father and not his, would still be incorrect.... But I thought I'd share my thoughts.

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Your picture goes so well with your comment. Lol.

Bitch please! IF GUYS CAN BE CALLED PLAYAS SO CAN GIRLS! And if girls can be *****...So can guys ^_^ Lalalala

Sweet! I love equality!! 53 - I bet you're a girl looking for a gentleman too? You killed them all. You want equal, you get equal. Guys aren't girly to other guys. We play rough, so if you want equal, get ready to play rough and stop bitching and moaning about gentlemen. You're not going to find one, and that's a fact!

73 not true my boyfriend is quite the gentlemen and no I don't demand it. I am great full when he opens doors for me but sometimes I do it for him why? Because I'm fully capable of treating just as kindly as he treats me. I believe in equality and I try my best to live that way as well.

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Go on YouTube and look up JerryLaVigneJr - can a man be a ****. Answers all questions raised here

#4- I hope that's your sarcasm you put as your response?

Damn you are way too young to be half naked in your profile picture..

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I don't even care about this convo...I just wanna know how the girl who posted the original comment is still 15?! Look at her!! Now argue about that!

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178) dude don't pedo bear please.

I Think I'm A Gentleman. A Girl Just Hasn't Had The Chance To Find Out On What They're Missing. Girls Say They Want Gentlemen, But They Still Go For The Bad Boys. When They Get Hurt, They Still Love Them. Then They Say They're Done With Bad Boys, & Get Together With Another Bad Boy. It's Just A Cycle Girls Go Through. (PS: Sorry I Type Like This. I'm On My Phone, So I Type Faster In Capital Letters. )

Instead of "DUMP THAT *****" I'm going to go with a more elegant "ditch that bitch"

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only if she's a virgin gingers.

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I'll shield you kicky! *Hulk flex* Haha Just messin'. Bitch is just jealous if your success.

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#41, they were all supposed to rhyme. You killed it just a little bit.

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That is the most horrific spelling of the word "awkward" I have ever seen in my life.

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Aquard - when awkward situations happen under water.

Dad found out before before him... Damn that sucks.

49- one time, I dove into the water and it was so aquard because my bikini bottoms came loose.

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What I don't understand is why a 14 year old is on a website like this.

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You do know that the good majority of people in the USA look at this site daily right? Anyone with a computer, or an iPad/iPhone. Everyone.

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Damn that sucks! Feel sorry for you :(

Confront her! In front of her parents. That is just not cool

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make a very awkward confrontation like at dinner with your parents OP

And while at the family dinner, OP should ask his girlfriend how her weekend was while he was at the baseball tournament.

He could say "So, what did you do this weekend while I was away at my tournament? Have any fun?"

More like "who did you do this weekend?"

Well atleast somebody made it around all the bases.