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Today, I had to explain what "cashback" was to a customer. She called me a liar and wanted to talk to a manager because she felt I made up the concept. I'm the manager. She wouldn't believe me and waited in the store for an hour. Apparently this is what a Masters degree gets me. FML
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Damn. Sad truth is, it can only get worse working in customer service.

Sometimes, the customer isn't always right...


Damn. Sad truth is, it can only get worse working in customer service.

At first, I thought it was literally cash back; they give me my money back even though I've bought the stuff. I mean, after u procure the merchandise and they ask if u want "cash back," it's only logical to think that.

I remember when I was a cashier a lady came to my line with a cart full of stuff. She said since my line was open I had to cash her things. This would have been true if it weren't the "ten items or less" express line. To be sure, she was well over ten items.

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That was one of my least favorite parts about cashiering, the people who either didn't care or where to stupid to read the giant sign with 10 items or less on it right if front of their faces, and then complained when there cart or even two in one case wouldn't fit on my tiny bag wheel and I had to set their stuff on the ground. Fun times.

And that is why I avoid being a manager at my current job it's not my job to deal with stupid. Unless my manager doesn't feel like playing manager then I have to play manager...-_-

Trust me. Stupid people are not isolated to America.

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You're probably the same kind of person that lady is aren't you?

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No matter what job, you'll face these people. Sorry OP

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But it's 99% more likely to happen at any customer service job.

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Yeah #4 you wanted the FML with people in it....come on Sherlock get your shit together!

Sometimes, the customer isn't always right...

They're almost always never right. They just argue and fight and think they are. People are ignorant now a days.

"I work here, I'm pretty sure I'm right"

All these big stores can say customer is always right since they don't mind a few setbacks from some customers. It's the poor employees who have to take the heat in real. FYL OP for having to deal with dumbheads but be proud you have a good education and common sense.

Anywhere you go, there will always be the crazies

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wallmart look at at the title to understand me

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It's not the title, it's OP's "name", 9. And it says "Where do they come from", 9's answer being Wal-Mart.

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This is one of the reasons why I'm studying programming. I do not want to deal with this kind of shit, but I have a feeling that one day, it will find its way to get to me. Such is life. Sorry OP :/

Customer service may not be in your future, but go to YouTube and search for "The Expert". That is what you will deal with from the people writing the program requirements. You just can't get away from stupid.

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Ah yes, you're right. That makes sense. Damn, looking back at my comment now and it sounds stupid haha I guess you really can't get away from stupid