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Today, I found out that my girlfriend has been sleeping around. After telling my best friend, I also found out that he and a few others have known for the past month. He asked, shocked, "Dude, I thought you knew?" FML
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Even if they don't like getting into other people's business, that's your best friend. You're supposed to be there for your friend and tell them if their girlfriend is a ****.

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He needs more 'not so dumb' friends.

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#20, a friend of mines gf was cheating on him and I kept telling him and he didn't believe me. so even if ops friend told op, op might not have listened. which might have made everything worse.

I get that, my boyfriend lost a close friend because he told him his girlfriend was cheating. I still believe its better to tell them than not say a word.

'Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks...'

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it's hard being in that situation. My friend and I told our friend his gf was flirting. He didn't dump her but he did thank us. I believe it's a matter of doing the right thing... and sometimes not giving a rat's ass what others will say or think.

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You need a better best friend

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And they say men are dogs... Right...

Time to ditch the bitch. You deserve better

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I really don't understand why some people think that relationships should be exclusive. Perhaps because I'm über liberal, but my thought process is that why not have it all - a deep friendship with your gf/bf and enjoying having the freedom by sleeping with other hot people. It's not like she is OP's property. Live a little - safely and within moderation of course.

13, I wish I could die vote you more. What the ****?

To me, that sounds extremely superficial and I feel as though every relationship should have meaning. I also think that while all relationships should have intimacy, only one should be sexually intimate, if not for respect of that person, then for health/safety issues.

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@ OJ As long as both partners agree to not be exclusive from the start, fine (but if you are going to do that, why bother with a relationship in the first place). Otherwise it's a violation of trust between two people. Property has nothing to do with it. You want that kind of thing? Have a best friend and sleep around with everyone else. Problem solved. Both people take a vow from the start of dating that they will only sleep with each other (unless otherwise specified). If one of them wants to sleep around, that's when it's time for a breakup so that that person can do so. Otherwise you are breaking the rules, and hurting the other person. Again, respecting the other person enough not to screw everything in sight while you're with them isn't a question of property, but responsibility.

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#18 and #19 -- It really is my belief, no wind up. I do see my self settling down at some point, but I have a work hard, play hard mentality, and with school (Uni/college) coming up in a couple of months, sports, fulfilling leadership obligations and going out I have little time to fully commit to relationships. Quite a few people I know are in this position, and in Australia at least, we aren't as staunch on trying to find exclusivity, but we do respect boundaries if someone else is in a relationship. It's more of a friends with benefits culture.

#28 I'm Australian too and I have to say WHAT THE HELL? ok, you're going to uni and have other obligations. "not having time" for a partner is bullshit! should you find the right person you would make time and being a human being with their own life, your SO would be understanding. That is not a culture your talking about, it's priorities and you being a young adult and enjoying yourself. It's a personal choice to be single, de facto etc.

Can we all just take a moment to notice that his profile picture is a sloth, and he made the act like a bitch die like a bitch reference?

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13, I agree with you, but there are so many downvotes that I have to post this comment to support you. See you six feet under, as I get buried too. Cheers!

28, I'm Australian too, and I know no one with that mindset! Don't try to bring our country into your shallow beliefs!

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Aussiechild, isn't Tasmania the Australian version of Kansas/Alabama? Rural areas tend to be more conservative anyways

69, well I have never been to Alabama, but Tasmania is a small state. But it is no more conservative than any other Aussie state at all.

You choose to be with me then I'll expect you to respect me as well. When you choose to be with one person you also take on some responsibilities! Talk with your partner about restrictions if you are unsure, people has different view on where the limits are, and knowing your bf/gf limits is something you should care about. If you think your partners limits are too tight, then say it, they may sway, or you may have to change. Or you might be unfit for each other. Me and my gf had pretty different limits. Me as pretty conservative had issues with her behavior towards other guys. I had a hard time accepting what she counted as a normal thing to do. An example: She had coffee with another guy in his apartment by themselves. The issue wasn't that I believed her to be unfaithful, just that i did not think of it as a okay action, mostly because it's something i would never do, out of respect for her (no, it was not an old friend she had known forever, but a guy she had known a couple months). So we had to talk about it and work out some middle way.

As long as both people in the relationship are okay with fooling around while they're together well why not .. but honestly I don't know many people that would accept that.. And i always noticed that in this kind of free relationships, it is not rare than one people in the two gets hurt or doesn't live the "agreement" as well as the other one.. I mean when you truly love someone you certainly don't wanna share him/her with anybody else.. This is what I call the boundaries between friends(you can have as many as you want) and lover (which is exclusively yours when it comes to feelings and sex) Anyway oj101, good luck with finding someone that shares your POV..

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therr are many many people that do. some people simply do not feel jealousy and have different things that mean something to them. personally i dont think i could do it on a long term scale but it is an equally valid relationship and a happy one too if any of my friends testimonies are to be believed. it is not a shallow view either. relationships have no set construct.

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13- If you are just having a " Deep friendship" with your bf/gf, then it isn't a relationship. It's a friendship. This is why liberals should not run anything. You clearly do not understand the concept of a relationship. Maybe if OP's girlfriend actually told him, they could have worked something out. But clearly that is not the case.

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What you're talking about, 13, is friends with benefits, it is not a relationship. It's a cop out, It's a guy and girl who don't want a relationship (or are in a relationship, but can't stay faithful) but want cheap meaningless sex. It's exactly that type of mindset that is ruining human relationships, causing high divorce rates, and causing men and women alike to think that cheating is not only okay, but acceptable.

It's a personal choice to be single? Not my choice!

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#13, re-read FML, but greed can be a horrible thing...

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Punch him in the throat. Then dump her.

So your best friend thinks you're a pimp?

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OPs friends sound like idio....unintelligent people to me.

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This is FML, not kindergarden. Why would you half censor a word that isn't even that foul? Anyways, OP, time to slap the bitch and tell her to pay up what she owes. You're the pimp op, don't let the game play you.

#4 do you know what a pimp is? How does him dating a ***** make him a pimp? You need a dictionary? A pimp is someone who has ******/*****/prostitutes sells theirselves for money that they give to the pimp

You know what they say about the word assume; it makes an 'ass' out of 'u' and 'me'

Using clichés makes an ass out of you.

I don't need to assume to make an ass out of myself. In fact, I usually don't have to do much to make an ass out of myself.

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How does "assume" make an ass out of the other person? Whoever made made that up didn't take responsibility and just blames everyone else but themself...

he thought u knew and was okay with it ? are u sure he wasn't one of the people she was sleeping with

o.o death to all of em XD jk they are asses for that

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I don't understand how knowing someone sleeping around could be acceptable to your friends. Seriously why do your friends drop their morals so low, OP?