By TotallyDoneDating - 02/05/2018 05:00

Today, I found out that my girlfriend of 2 years lost her virginity on a cruise last week. FML
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And now you can’t help but picture her covered in sea men?

I can't even imagine how terrible I would feel if that was my girlfriend. Move on, OP. You deserve better.


And now you can’t help but picture her covered in sea men?

As funny as you think this is, it's pretty f'ed up. I know this is meant to be more humorous, but reading this guy's story makes me angry. When someone treats their partner with respect for this long, they shouldn't have to feel like they just wasted two years of their life with a *itch.

Who even says he treated her well? The guy could be a scumbag for all we know.

Dude.....chill. It was meant as a joke and was funny.

But you don't know if he was a good guy or a good boyfriend. They ALWAYS think they're being a good boyfriend, but there's more often than not some underlying issue that he's been failing to address. Most people don't just up and cheat for no reason after 2 years.

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You shouldn't cheat. Period.

maybe but I find it hard to justify cheating regardless. It is not normally black and white but I think, based on what we know, except in certain circumstances, she should have broken up with OP first.

Why does she still have it after two years of dating?

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Exactly what I was wondering... she must have been sick of waiting and found another guy! But big FML if she was the one who wanted to wait in the first place...

sorry so you are blaming the guy for wanting to wait?? Regardless of whose idea it was to wait, that is not an excuse to cheat. If she couldn't handle it she should have broken up with him.

Very few guys would respect their girlfriends enough to wait that long without straying themselves. Now there's one less guy, because of shit behavior like this.

Why? Some guys want to wait for sex too. It's a preference. Women enjoy sex just as much as men do. It's just that women's sexuality has been a taboo for way too long and only recently can women openly enjoy sex and "wait for the one" bullshit is fading away. Still, that doesn't excuse her cheating. If she didn't want to wait she could have ended the relationship or talked about the option of having an open relationship.

I can't even imagine how terrible I would feel if that was my girlfriend. Move on, OP. You deserve better.

Guys who are treating their ladies right should get treated right in return, and vice versa. Not this BS.

How do you know how he treated her? I mean like really and not from some stupid sexist clichees.

No excuse for cheating no matter the circumstances. You can't always blame the man all the time as you seem to do.

Granted, FML's are like Twitter in the context that we don't get to hear the opposing side in the case, and follow-ups are few and far between.

Don't be silly. Couldn't she go to the Lost and Found department? No? Sorry for your loss.

Don't you mean ex-girlfriend......

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Don't worry, my girlfriend did the same thing... Then I turned 13 and got over it

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OK, right now this comment has exactly 13 likes and dislikes, I love it! Can we leave it there? Seems appropriate

I guess you could say you got boned. Or, I mean she did

She really should have reserved that orifice for you and let the new guy enter via the poop deck.

white dragon her ass and send her packing