By Anonymous - United Kingdom - Southwold
Today, my parents heard from my sister that I'd recently lost my virginity to my girlfriend. I've never been bitched out so viciously in my life, and yet my sister, whom everyone knows has had numerous casual sexual partners this year, is treated like a princess 24/7. FML
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  free2speak  |  14

And this is really weird, since girls are chastised for sleeping around and it's usually "well have safe sex and don't get a girl pregnant" with boys. Weird family dynamic going on there.

  oomph_fml  |  25

Though that is a good point, I think it's mainly the fact that he's been with the person before going all the way, where as his sister is just doing it with multiple people and still getting sided with in the matter.

  Krajjan  |  9

23 - Indeed. I could get away with anything, but Bob help my sister if she wanted to date ever.

3 - Unless you're an undercover cop or something, which would be an interesting demonstration of what exactly normal people think goes on in this asylum, it's never a good idea to post personal information online. I try not to even post smartphone photos due to the personal information included in the file.

  randii_17  |  11

I agree it's unfair, but I also find it odd that it goes against the normal double standard. In my family, my brothers wouldn't be bitched at but my parents would probably chop off my tits...

  KingCeltic77  |  18

Totally. Usually girls would be considered whores, then guys, the dad would be "that's my boy! A stud like his old man!" You may not want to hear it, but it's true.

  JerryH  |  9

112 you didnt get the point of 110s comment, she was saying to stop bitching, but somebody decided to follow the previous comment and continue the bitching

By  SoylentCandycorn  |  10

If you had eight major planets revolving around you and were the reason that life was able to evolve on one of them, you would be treated differently.

Sorry, I saw the typo and couldn't resist.