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Today, I found out that my creepy neighbor paid a guy to install a camera in my bathroom. It's been there for three months. The guy he paid? My brother. FML
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What a perv. And nice brother you have there, OP! Sibling love

That takes creepy to a whole new level. I suggest hitting your brother with a baseball bat.


What a perv. And nice brother you have there, OP! Sibling love

yawateverok 10

what do u mean her bro is a jerk

#27 He's obviously being sarcastic!

zingline89 18

27 - Even Sheldon Cooper detected that sarcasm

TheCutestLizard 28

27 - There's this new thing all the cool kids are using. It's called punctuation. You should try it sometime.

No shit! I would break the guys neck if he even tried to pay me for such a thing

yawateverok 10

u guys didnt have 2 be so mean :(

Rule of FML. You will get called out for bad grammatical text and punctuation. Deal with it.

DyslexicPanda 12

Did no one else pick up on the fact that 27 is like 12 years old...?

That takes creepy to a whole new level. I suggest hitting your brother with a baseball bat.

Baseballbat with barbed wire wrapped around it FTW

Baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire dipped in poison.

Now that's just overkill. Dip it in lemon juice instead.

Or the blood of your ancestors, for extra strength.

Or a mild acid so his wounds fester :) as my mother always said "what part of sadist don't you understand?"

What about the creepy neighbor? What do we do with him?

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Hit the neighbor too. Repeatedly.

Pwn17 25

So wait, does that mean he's watching her in there? ...This FML just got creepier.

16, what else did you think he was doing with it?

Too bad people that commented didn't get the joke. Big brother is from a book 1984 and he is like a totalitarian leader and he watches anything anyone does with this tv thing. So that's why it's funny.

Jelbeztok 17

Thanks for clearing that up for us. Is it a good book?

It is a pretty good book. Very conspiracy theory, creepy. I'd suggest it to a friend who hasn't read it. :) Though, I will suggest don't show the movie to a freshman English class. My teacher made that mistake. And honors class and all we all giggled at the nude scene. -.- oh, to be 15 again.

Yes he is. In more ways than one apparently.

It's time call in the cops on your creepy neighbor and retrieve all the videos/pics captured since; also just pray that none had gone out specially to the **** market.

He's also really creepy for agreeing to do so! FYL OP.

#84 A mild acid might actually disinfect his wounds and stop them from festering.

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107 I believe the comment you're looking for is a couple threads up

Yep, you're right. No idea how I messed that up so badly.

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Hey, they could make a great job out of that! It's creepy and illegal, but hey, apparently your bro is pretty good! ;3

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Yeah, till the time perv will want something more...

Not too good, considering he got caught.

He doesn't have to be good I assume he lives with her he can come in when she is not there. And picking a bedroom lock is easy.

xSunnyOlivia 17

For future reference, there's a button labeled "I agree, your life sucks" for that.

Get back at him by faking a murder in your bathroom and then when he calls the cops you and the "murdered" person act like you have no idea what he's talking about

Given the circumstances I very much doubt the neighbour watching would be calling the police no matter they see...

SOMEONE watched Zoey 101.. little tip, that is not a show you should be proud of knowing. :(

meherm 11

That sounds so idiotic. People can watch whatever the hell they like without having people say "oh that isn't a show you should be proud of".

46-- seems like you would have to watch it to know that. That is something to which you should not be proud of knowing, after all.

moonbane 9

Exactly, 58. As a commonly used example, ponies :I

I wouldn't often suggest this, but please, for your own safety; inform the authorities! Who knows what such a creep would do next! Also, have a very severe word with your brother! Good luck, OP! :)

I guess people really will do anything for money

If you have proof, or can get it in writing, then I would go down to the police station and turn both of them into the cops. While family is important, your brother really put you in danger.