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  v1k1rox  |  12

Too bad people that commented didn't get the joke. Big brother is from a book 1984 and he is like a totalitarian leader and he watches anything anyone does with this tv thing. So that's why it's funny.


It is a pretty good book. Very conspiracy theory, creepy. I'd suggest it to a friend who hasn't read it. :) Though, I will suggest don't show the movie to a freshman English class. My teacher made that mistake. And honors class and all we all giggled at the nude scene. -.- oh, to be 15 again.

  Jac_d_ipper  |  10

It's time call in the cops on your creepy neighbor and retrieve all the videos/pics captured since; also just pray that none had gone out specially to the porn market.

  bamagrl410  |  31

107 I believe the comment you're looking for is a couple threads up

By  Bakarra  |  22

Get back at him by faking a murder in your bathroom and then when he calls the cops you and the "murdered" person act like you have no idea what he's talking about

  meherm  |  11

That sounds so idiotic. People can watch whatever the hell they like without having people say "oh that isn't a show you should be proud of".

By  Cian_1  |  28

I wouldn't often suggest this, but please, for your own safety; inform the authorities! Who knows what such a creep would do next! Also, have a very severe word with your brother! Good luck, OP! :)

By  queerdragon  |  20

If you have proof, or can get it in writing, then I would go down to the police station and turn both of them into the cops. While family is important, your brother really put you in danger.