By Hotsauce887 - 29/03/2009 21:08 - United States

Today, my friend told the cute waiter it was my birthday. He brought out a dessert with a candle and put a huge sombrero on my head. Everyone at the restaurant started singing me happy birthday. I got embarrassed and put my head down. My sombrero caught on fire. FML
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I look forward to hearing about your Darwin Award.


HAHA nothin says happy birthday better then tht! comment.

By saying " comment," you are commenting. Way to go!

#3.... u fail

#3 Oh the Irony of your comment!

I look forward to hearing about your Darwin Award.

Agree completely

I moderated this one because it was either crazy or someone put some though into it! Lol

Ahaha fuego! Double FYL, being embarassed, AND your hat catching on fire. Hopefully the dessert was good.

were you okay?...i hope your hair didnt catch on fire fyl-ouch thats embarresing ydi-because never lean forward wiht somethng large on your head (or even with your hair down) into a table that has a flame idiot and #3, that is a comment

LOL!! #4 - I love you! That comment is WIN.

hey, now here's the positive side to it. everyone knows that your the flamer of the group.

Rofl at 9. At least you got free stuff! :D