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Today, my job as a supervisor has become increasingly ridiculous because one employee doesn't want to do the tasks I give her. My supervisor tells me to keep working with her and giving her work. When she goes directly to him, he tells her she doesn't have to do them. FML
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There's no other higher up you can talk to? Like HR. Because what's the point of having someone work if they don't wanna do their job. Too bad you can't fire her if you can I say do it.


And if you wanna add icing to that cake before the three days ago when she started this, she was listening to me no issue. She would also constantly complain about this same supervisor. Now because she's mad at me and he's stopping her from doing my tasks, he's her best friend. I know she still talks bad about him behind his back too.

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Not pointing anyone out, but I think they're being supervised on how to suck major duck.

There's no other higher up you can talk to? Like HR. Because what's the point of having someone work if they don't wanna do their job. Too bad you can't fire her if you can I say do it.

It appears as though the boss and employee are sleeping together. Our friendly supervisor (OP) is caught in the middle. That's the only reason they would be behaving this way. She doesn't do anything and the higher boss backs her up. I've seen it happen many times.

If anyone hasn't been reading my other posts, that is a great big negative.

Now we see the problem with bureaucracy. And the problem with lazy assholes.

The thing is in my job they preach so hard about teamwork and putting forth 100% but they don't filter out people unless they fail physically or epically. (We're US military.)

By chance, do you work in any of the S shops? And are you on Yongsan? If not, where? The Hump?

I will say this, cause honestly didn't expect to run into anyone in the area (this was more of a rant than anything else), I'm in Yongsan.

It is difficult for most non-veterans to truly understand what happens in the military. What they don't know is that in many cases, no matter how many negative counseling statements you write, nothing ever happens. You can complain to your heart's content, and the ****-**** games continue. I am also at Yongsan. Small world.

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Sounds like someone is screwing the other to me. That or he's wants in her pants.

Confront him about it, ask why he tells you to give her tasks if he's just going to tell her she doesn't have to do them. He is directly preventing you from doing your job has a supervisor. You should record a few videos of you giving her a task, her refusing to do it and then her going to the other supervisor and being told she doesn't have to do it.

He knows. He definitely knows. What I honestly want to confront him, and the other supervisor on my level, about is why they're now kinda coddling her. To be fair, they're giving her new work and that's great! But it's these long tasks that takes her out of the team loop (which was something we were preached to about the day before). So because she's on this task, I can't give her another task. And anything I ask her, she gives that nice chunk of attitude back. I feel like she should've completed something by now. Another bit of fun on this is that's ALL she does. Doesn't clean the office, doesn't assist when it's "all hands" work, doesn't do anything.

Does this girl not realise that she gets paid to do her job? I'm sure someone else would appreciate her job....

Fire her. If you're her supervisor you have the power to do that. Or at least go to someone else higher up.

Actually, #9, not all supervisors have hiring/firing power. Most can at least make recommendations, though -- and can certainly go up the chain and officially report problems, not just of the underling but also of the manager. Of course, it helps to do so calmly and with specific, documented facts and details, and to make sure not to sound whiny or complaining.

We're US military. She can't be "fired" and she can only be reprimanded if she was doing a piss poor job.

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Write her up then and then send it over your boss' head. This is BS. Not doing the job is inherently a piss poor performance.