By abc - Pakistan
Today, I took my friends out to an expensive restaurant for my birthday treat. They had arranged for a surprise birthday cake for me which I cut, very happily, while they chanted birthday wishes. When the bill came, I discovered I was supposed to pay for my great 'surprise' cake. FML
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By  MandM44  |  0

uh...sounds like you chose an expensive restaurant on purpose...kind of a dick move, especially if your friends aren't exactly rolling in money...

that said, they should have at least split the bill for the cake with you.

By  xya943  |  0

That sucks. You had to plan your own birthday dinner? But I agree that it was selfish to plan it at such an expensive place. I mean, if they didn't even plan anything, they obviously wouldn't be willing to pay out the ass for a birthday celebration for you... But definitely FYL for not having real friends...

By  Jaywin  |  3

As I was reading this FML, the song "Birthday Sex" came on the radio. So I'm hoping you got some birthday sex to make up for you having to pay for your own birthday dinner.

By  Jimboom  |  11

That would have been a good time to do a runner. Would have served them right to have to pay for your share and the cake!
Otherwise just make them buy you drinks for the rest of the night and stop whining.