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Today, I asked a waiter at a restaurant if I could go in the kitchen to compliment the chef. She turned out to be really pretty, so trying to be cool, I leaned back onto what I thought was a table. It turned out to be a stove, and my shirt caught fire. FML
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Hopefully thatll be a story you can tell your kids someday ;)


Hopefully thatll be a story you can tell your kids someday ;)

and this is 'how I met your mother'!

See hot girl, try to act cool, catch shirt on fire. CLOSE ENOUGH (H)

13's comment and 10's meme pic go perfectly together, seeing as how that's normally the close enough rage face.

Maybe if he gets it in the right hole.

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Me ! Me ! Me toooooo!! Im a meme picture too Dx

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Of course Future OP: yea so the day I met your know nvm

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I just banged someone I met on

lol you really got things heated up

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57- Nothing says cute as burning flesh.

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Once I leaned on an industrial stove that looked a lot the like rest of the walls from the side. Let's just say I still have scars.

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And that's just one more reason most establishments don't let customers in the back.

Exactly, I don't know of any place that would let you waltz back there. Health code violation?

Besides the fact that this happened in the United States, so a huge lawsuit should be ensuing any minute now against that restaurant...

39- everyone doesn't just sue for the hell of it in the US. PLUS...he doesn't have a case.

Doesn't have a case...? The restaurant let them into this dangerous situation. If burglars can sue people who's homes they've invaded and been injured, this individual can sue a kitchen for burns sustained from the shirt lighting on fire.

I thought OP played it too hot rather than too cool..

@ 74: You can sue for anything - that doesn't mean you have a case or that you'll win it. There have been a lot of stupid lawsuits, and they get thrown out after getting all the publicity. "Yeah, your honor, I was trying to impress her and act cool and I didn't look at what I leaned on, knowing I was in a kitchen, and it was a stove. My shirt caught on fire." The judge would have to either be idiotic or bribed to not throw that case right out.

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Have you not heard of some of the ridiculous lawsuits that HAVE gone through? The boy who was shooting a dog with a pellet gun and sued the owners of the dog for 50000 when it bit him The woman who mad a sandwich in the back of her tv while no one was driving and sued for 500000 and a new rv when it crashed because there were no warnings saying she couldn't The man who broke into a bar through a window 10 feet off the ground and broke his leg from the fall got 25000 The woman that sued for 2000000 because she burned herself when she spilt coffee on herself at a mcdonalds There are others, I read a whole article on them. The justice system is ******. OP could EASILY make a case and sue. The reason? Simply because the stove wasnt marked, or there wasn't a warning. Nevermind the health and safety violations for going into the kitchen unsanitized in the first place. Now, I'm not saying it's fair, cause it's not, but that's how shit works.....

As sad as it is op could sue. In a professional kitchen you must have a license and be trained to work in the kitchen. If a customer wished to complement the head chef, he or she is to come out or the waiter is to send the customers regards. Op should never have been allowed in the back. There are way to many safety issues to allow anyone who doesn't know what they Re doing back there. Also has no one heard of the McDonald's lady? The one who spilled her coffee upon herself and sued McDonald's AND WON? Pretty ridiculous.

Don't forget the loads of times people have tried to use the "slip and fall" method.

The mcdonalds thing is pretty inflated, supposedly it was much less but as part of the settlement the lady couldnt speak publicly about it and mcd could, which lead to some bias in the story. Just saying... Im not defending her, she didnt deserve anything but another free equally hot coffee to the face in my opinion

The mcdonalds case was about a 79 year old woman trying to open the lid off the coffee in a parked car and being burned badly enough to have third degree burns all over her legs and genitalia and only asking for money enough, $20,000, for the hospital bills that an 8 ounce cup of coffee did. she was awarded $640,000 in the end. I agree though she should get nothing I mean really who doesn't know that coffee will from mcdonalds at the time was a scalding 190 degrees Fahrenheit?

@jjreeb I found the top ten most ridiculous lawsuits list and all of them other than the McDonalds lawsuit were thrown out and it says so at the end of each summary of the case.

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Probably the only time the line: "Is it hot in here or is it just me?" would work.

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92 - you broke the combo. They were on a hot streak and everything

Wow you ended up being the hot one that night didnt you?

If OP's name is Tiana, and she had a crush on the chef. And the chef is a girl.. Does that mean......:0

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she thought the waitress was pretty not the the cook. she probably didn't who the cook was or how (s)he looked

OP: Hey babe, is it hot in here, or is it just me? Chef: No, it's your shirt.

those damn stoves keep disguising themselves as other things like tables and hand rests. go on and touch it!

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Just say, "Sorry miss, looks like I got the hots for you." Winking afterwards is optional

Pfft breaking the ice?! OP melts the ice, using only his shirt and a stove. :)

Assuming OP is a guy. Pondering the username I'm not quite sure. ._.