By Anonymous - 30/03/2009 00:39 - United States

Today, I developed the disposable camera pictures from my family's trip to Disney World. I noticed that in the pictures I took of them in front of the big castle at Magic Kingdom, my wife and son were standing a few feet away from a man who was touching himself. FML
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Oh sorry. My bad, I didn't mean to get in your picture.

This is where scan and photoshop comes into play. Turn him into Mickey Mouse


YDI for spending all that money on going to Disney World but being too cheap to buy a digital camera

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wow... or he's smart for not over spending on a camera he wanted to use once. or forgot it at home. and op, can you cut him out?

That's kind of upsetting and very gross but extremely hilarious, so it all evens out.

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he was touching his big castle in his magic kingdom

maybe he was thinking of you while he touched himself...a little better?

you cant crop Photos in disposable cameras

This is where scan and photoshop comes into play. Turn him into Mickey Mouse

#1're an idiot. Anyway wow, that's really creepy. Ugh. :/ FYL.

This is kinda out there, but hear me out! You could easily take advantage of the situation by uploading the pic onto the Internet. You could become the next huge Internet meme, and if your pic is seen by a lot of people, you'll probably end up (rightfully) ostracizing and humiliating the perv who decided to go to town on himself in an amusement park.

Maybe it was the little known 8th dwarf Pervey?

Who DOES that at Disney World? That's disgusting.