By pootythe5th - 30/08/2009 18:09 - United States

Today, I was at my favorite Mexican restaurant when I realized my really cute waiter, along with his buddies kept looking at me and smiling. Trying to be cool, I took a bite of my burrito, choked, and spilled ground beef down my new shirt and in my bra. They laughed the whole time. FML
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Eating a burrito makes you "cool"?

DeadMansCrack 4

I fail to see how eating burritos makes you "cool"


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Ahh bloody hell, i thought i was gonna get first but moose got too it first. But seriously how lame are the FML's getting when people are now complaining about getting food on/in their shirt. I mean i understand cute guys were involved but honestly, people eat messy mexican all the time

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OMG i didnt get the first comment, im obviously not worthy of existing on the same website as you cool *****. now i gotta delete my profile, come out of my basement, and get prepped for the gay sex with my awkward shemale named ted. FAIL.

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because taking a bite of your burrito will impress a bunch of waiters... the morons on fml these days

MeowingKat 0

You think it's cool to choke on a burrito, then get meat down your shirt? Kids these days...

I love fml's like this. "Today, i was at the mall and saw my crush. I wanted to bite something sexy, accidentally bit my phone and electrocuted myself. FML"

dimkims 0

Eating a burrito makes you "cool"?

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Seriously. What's with people dissing her? By "trying to be cool" she probably meant trying to act like she didn't notice. I mean you've got to have some serious issues with people if you think a girl would think that eating a burrito looks cool.

swooshq 0

haha, I agree. How do you be cool while eating a burrito

Yeeaahh, "trying to be cool," followed by "I took a bite of my burrito" doesn't exactly make me think of "cool." It makes me think of "hungry," if that helps.

Maybe OP means "cool" like in playing it cool and not freaking out or getting too excited.

Lol, at least you made them laugh!

Sun_Kissed18 25

And guys like that ;) you're in!

I'm confused. I always thought guys don't care if a girl is funny?

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You must have terrible experience with guys...

Aww that sucks really bad. If you were able to I hope you pounded Tequila shots to forget the night lol ___________________________

DeadMansCrack 4

I fail to see how eating burritos makes you "cool"

lmfao25 0

hahaha completely agree. Yeah, cause guys are sooooo attracted to chicks taking a huge chomp out of a big delicious burritos these days, right? Mmmmm...the way they chew that tortilla just drives men wild. Good job, champ.

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LMAO! your comment made me laugh, where the fml did not. #52=win!

hey 52, naybe she tried to eat the whole burrito in one bite, id be impressed

Id definitely talk to her if she stuffed the whole burrito down her throat and swallowed.

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Lol maybe she was trying to show them she can deepthroat a burrito but the burrito proved to be to big hahahaha