Baby don't hurt me...

By whatislife1969 - 08/09/2017 10:00

Today, my friends got me a cake for my birthday. As I blew out the candles, they shoved my head into it and I was knocked out for 3 minutes before an ambulance took me to the hospital. I got a concussion from a cake. FML
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No, you got a concussion from your "friends." Don't blame the cake.

Nice 'friends' ...


musta been one hard cake

Wasn't the cake, it was the icing on it.

idk wtf kinda icing these people have but if its hard enough to knock you out maybe you shouldn't be eating it

It was Marble cake. Ha!

omfg hahaha A+ for you

Nice 'friends' ...

No, you got a concussion from your "friends." Don't blame the cake.

Nothing says "happy birthday" like getting stabbed in the face by your own birthday cake and candles.

What was in that cake?

A table below it.

Where I'm from there's a saying that roughly translated means "When you have friends like this, you don't need no enenies"

I don't get this whole push someone's head into a cake thing. Cakes are meant to be eaten, would anyone want a slice after that? Also your friends are assholes why would do that hard enough that you hit the table?

I always thought it was stupid to do that, too.

Note to self, cake does not protect skull.

The cake is an anvil.

The calendar is a lie.