By ashbeat - 01/01/2013 15:20 - Australia - Sydney

Today, I can hear my flatmate masturbating loudly and asking himself if he likes it. And replying. FML
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Well at least he's not saying, "You like that? HUH? DO YA?" "NO! Please stop! AAAAHHHH!" That would be awkward.

You live with Golem???


Walk in and say "you may like it but I do not"

Perhaps moaning in your own room is a little much. Or some other way to compete with him is in order. If those don't shut him up, buy a stereo and blast his out.

or just leave for a while instead of sitting there and listening to it.

that or the next time he asks if he likes it just scream "no"

Well does he like it or not?

There was a lady who used to get off in the library could hear her say "who's a dirty little whore? You like that?"

Yeah, I wouldn't walk in there to say shit.

You live with Golem???

"does we likes it?"

22 If you like his comment then thumb it..

Whoa...lilhellian who are you telling him to give a thumbing?

Sorry, I don't even know why I posted that one. Just have'nt been myself lately. Sorry all. Sorry 22.

I'm sorry, I just can't help it. It's gollum, not golem. I only correct it because if I read your post as is, all I can think of are giant stone creatures, or the pokemon

Living with Golem (pokemon) would be awesome! Free bodyguard.... but masses of broken furniture too I suppose.

I was wondering how Judaism fit into the post.

Well, if you're living with Golem, at least you'll know that it's time to ... Rollout.

This made me laugh uncontrollably lol

Anybody wana trade for my graveler then trade the golem back to me? I hate this stupid trade evolution!


I wish people would stop using that phrase. It is completely moronic and overused.

No kidding... dafuq

You set yourself up to be thumbed down.

Well did he like it?

I would hope so

Otherwise things could get a little strange... Guy 1: "Do you like that"? Guy 1: "No! Rape! Get our hand off our dick!

Wait, that's not normal?

I also do that...

102 do you lick your fingers afterwards aswell? (Referring to his profile pic)

time to get a new roommate ASAP!

who's that clapping?

The sound of one hand.

Oh cum on! What a jerk.. He didnt ask you if you liked it? How inconsiderate

That was actually one of the worst puns I have ever heard

Is he calling himself a dirty whore?

I believe he's asking, who's your Daddy.

I'm kind of wondering if he'll ask himself for the money shot.

Challan, you seem fluent in bedroom language. *_^

"You like that, don't you, bitch?"

Damn if you can hear him literally masturbating, that guy goes freaking hard. The scary thing is he answers himself. I would recommend locking your doors at night

^ there is a button for that.

Not to sure that locking the door is enough. That's kind of freaky.

well I don't wanna use the button thanks for informing me about it :)