By Anonymous - 29/03/2009 19:09 - United States

Today, I finally convinced a girl that I liked to have sex. I decided to swoop her off the feet like the movies and carry her to my bed. I ended up hitting her head on the door frame, knocking her out. FML
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LOL. ahahahahaha Note to self, "we're not in movies"

You fail to mention whether you proceeded or not. Oh, and good job, sparky.


LOL. ahahahahaha Note to self, "we're not in movies"

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so? what's the problem that doesn't mean you have to stop

haha. now u got her where u want her............u know what to do

Perhaps he thought it was a turn on?.... however if he watched the movies properly he'd notice they turn SIDEWAYS! duh!

Did anyone notice the lack of punctuation in the first sentence? It seems that he was trying to tell the girl that he likes to have sex.

I mean he likes to have sex in general instead of convincing the girl to have sex with him


I hope u took full advantage of the situation nd put it in her butt :) p.s she won't remember :)

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If you have to CONVINCE someone to have sex, you probably shouldn't do it.

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It's only a ydi if that stopped you ;)

Hah, EPIC FAIL. Ah, FYL. I'd be really pissed off at you if I were that girl, though.

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Having to convince someone is never a great start.

You fail to mention whether you proceeded or not. Oh, and good job, sparky.

She regained conciousness with a camera crew filming her and a guy she's never seen before.

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Lol be funny as hell, she wakes up and he's just like 'so I was thinking missionary but whatever u want is cool.... wait were still gonna have sex right coz the blood flowing from ur head is kinda turning me on' akward... lmaoo

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194 u killed it ur a murderer

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Silly op just bcause she's bot concious doesn't mean she's not good

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agree with 4. haha. epic fail.

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After a long time of convincing her? That's a shot to the manhood. At least you learned a lesson, don't try to be suave. Kudos for trying.

it's just a minor set back. he can still continue as planed

what the hell this was on here before