She's electric

By nnniii - 16/11/2015 04:55 - United States - Seattle

Today, I tried to give my first hand-job while wearing fuzzy socks in a carpeted room. I reached out to touch his dick and shocked him. FML
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TweetAnne 13

Talk about there being sparks in a relationship


TweetAnne 13

Ya, it seems that these two really have that spark that is necessary for a good relationship... edit: I didn't see #4's comment until now. I thought I was clever first :(

patwo8 14

That's a shockingly good bj lol

ThatTennisKid14 13

I can only imagine how bad that hurt...

Talk about there being sparks in a relationship

MasterTron 24

It lives! Frankenstein anyone?

I hope he wasn't planning on having kids. FHL

Omgosh, I wish this was an answer instead of a comment. It should be number one.

Now I wonder what powers one would get from getting their dick shocked.

Don your fuzziest pair of socks and prepare to change somebody's life!

andits 21

I can magine the shocking look on his face

JustShootMeFML 32

Shockingly it wasn't as good as you had hoped and planned it to be.

Rawrshi 25

Serious question... did his pubes stick up afterwards? Asking for a friend.

Maybe his penis will just keep going, and going...