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By SpiderMan - 12/03/2009 00:23 - United States

Today, I was masturbating into a sock when I felt something on my cock. I quickly ripped the sock off and threw it on the floor… and watched a huge spider come scurrying out. I just inadvertently fucked a spider. FML
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Who the **** masturbates into a sock?!?! hahaha


...Try using a condom next time. Or be like Doofy and use the vacuum machine.

wow u now hold a record for most insects ******

:O u shud use protection nxt Tym but atleast look on de bright side u got ****** :)

atomicbaboon 0

Hope you bought it dinner first!

addiizcherry 0

Would this be qualified as rape?

#312 Molestation at best. Unless it bit him...? Did it?

Who the **** masturbates into a sock?!?! hahaha

MegamiKaosu 28

I know a guy, we call him sock boy xD we were on his site for his live web feed and we started teasing him and he banned us xD

Most dudes who **********... You know... So they don't turn them selves into Cum Laudes

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bryce0110 23

A lot of guys do, but I personally never even thought of doing it.

llstan2006 0

Made me roll on the floor forever! So funny!

DrLemon 0

ahaha. soo, to beCUM a superhero some guy has to jack off in a sock filled with their desire?

Christine1997 0

I wouldn't be surprised if one day, tons of little spiders showed up at his door for a "family reunion"

akg98 13

Soooo ******* brilliant awesome!! I loled

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@ #4 comment; yeah or possibly become a new hero called the (Sperm)Man.

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There is no ******* way you were 18 when you posted this. 8 maximum.

You guys might be 2 years late, but I'm 5 years late!

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@ #2..... apparently lots of guys ********** into socks... havnt you seen american pie? lol

Did you lose your virginity to a spider?

No, he probably lost it the sock first.

Cryptix 0

Oh and I bet you're going to have nightmares about ******* spiders as for now on...

well, at least your penis didn't explode from a spider bite.