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  bluegoldfish  |  7

123, we LIVE in and heavily rely on society, and while there are some hermits out there who try to dissociate themselves from society, for those of us who need society to provide us with food, water and electricity, it generally pays to interact positively with it.

as far as the science jobs>art jobs argument goes, while art is very dodgy and there are plenty more starving artists, actors, musicians and authors than successful ones, science is also pretty competitive in the uk (where op comes from) and even if you do get into uni and secure one of the limited jobs out there, you mostly get paid a pittance and are employed by a faceless corporation or the government, either of whom can cut funding for your project pretty much whenever they feel like it leaving you up shit creek without a paddle. welcome to science.

By  shakeTHEworld  |  12

i totally understand how your feeling right now. My parents also dont approve the course i'm taking right now (business) since they want me to become like them and study medicine.

  NomOnShroomz  |  14

Woah woah woah!! Wait up! How do we know OP isn't a science major therefore dad could've been referring to her as his other daughter... wait that's no better...