By batsu - 27/01/2012 06:48 - Canada

Today, I made a drunken bet with friends that I could pour lighter fluid on my hands, light it, and shake it out before I got burned. I lost. FML
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You're a fucking idiot!

kendybendy 6

Haha you totally deserve that! Just be happy you didn't make the bet about it being on your face or your dick


You're a fucking idiot!

-_- Are people really this dumb.

Lighter fluid, really?

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Last month I made a drunken bet with my friends that I could light my pubes on fire and clean my entire pubic area and I won. So YDI OP

I agree 18, my old housemate used to do it all the time. Sucks to be you OP, practice makes perfect ;)

27- I don't do it ALL the time. I'm not a fucking moron!! Once or twice a day is enough...

13- Yes it was lighter fluid if u are unsure reread the fml.

charmedamethyst 14

#32, really? He was obviously being sarcastic.

11 - yes they are. If common sense were common, everyone would have it. For me, the level of stupidity in the general public equates to job security. So people, go on and keep proving Darwin right.

I hope your friends were drunk too because if not they are jerks!

I'm thinking Darwin will take care of you soon enough

Darwin is dead fool...

shanemaximo 7

The lighter fluid bet on itself.

Meanwhile in Canada.... That was a pretty stupid idea OP but hey, Bad decisions make good stories!

lebronesque73091 12

No shit you lost!

46, 'she' was obviously being sarcastic ;)

Yes I'll do that to it seems fun

Drink responsibly.

tjv3 10

I hope that you do not breed OP. that's just stupid

cannabistea 7

First words that came to my mind! Fucking idiot!

chubby_choco 17

...18, people like you and the OP are the reason we have shows like World's Dumbest.

wow your an idiot!

kendybendy 6

Haha you totally deserve that! Just be happy you didn't make the bet about it being on your face or your dick

Carbonation 0

I don't know about that, hands are a little bit helpful in daily activities.

Hands are very helpful when it comes to your face and dick, lol

Wish it was his dick he set on fire, this guy should not reproduce.

kendybendy 6

^^ LOL

44 made me actually laugh out loud (fun tidbit) but on another note you don't realize how important your hands and , even more, your fingers are. I burned my hand and felt like a cripple it was awful. Wish you feel better OP

44 - I disagree, if stupid people wouldn't reproduce FML would become extinct eventually. Nevertheless, your comment just made my day ^^.

YDI OP, if you cant figure out fire hurts then cavemen are smarter than you. People get dummer and dummer everyday. Just wait until tommorow.

bitchslapped22 14

105- dumber*

Oh, thanks 114. *dumber

It might have been better for the human race had it been his dick.

Ouch, did you "feel the burn"?

Stupidity at it's finest

TunechiXXL 0

OooooO BURN!

Wow what a great idea!

Me either. Apparently there are still people who don't grasp what sarcasm is.

49 - She was quoting the old man from Futurama, after he loses all hope in mankind after seeing something ridiculously stupid.

I think living on this planet with these's tards is funny. Someone has to entertain us.

Mostly everyone will say YDI...and they're right! lighter fluid, really? who thought up that brilliant idea?

KriiFahMoro 9

OP did.

OP, your level of ignorance is outstanding.

I'm pretty sure its purell you want to use, not lighter fluid, YDI...

You got burned on that deal dude. YDI!

Wow... Nothing besides that comes to my mouth. Kids are getting dumber every year..

Wots wrong wit your pic

ugh learn to spell!

Wow. That must have been unbelievably painful...why someone would think that would work,I don't know.

It does work if you do it right

Is it stupid if i want to try it now?

@ 137: Yes, it is.