By batsu - / Friday 27 January 2012 06:48 / Canada
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  StreetReaper  |  9

11 - yes they are. If common sense were common, everyone would have it.

For me, the level of stupidity in the general public equates to job security. So people, go on and keep proving Darwin right.

  MagicallyFat  |  12

44 made me actually laugh out loud (fun tidbit) but on another note you don't realize how important your hands and , even more, your fingers are. I burned my hand and felt like a cripple it was awful. Wish you feel better OP


Today, I had to go to a public restroom. I have anxiety problems and can't go unless I'm the only one in the room. Another girl came in right after me, and I was waiting for her to leave. She was also waiting. After a while, I left first and had to hold my pee for a few more hours. FML

By DumbAndYoung - / Tuesday 26 August 2014 04:17 / United States - Glenpool
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