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  humorizer  |  14

... how is isn't it obvious she's rich? We can deduce two things pretty easily:

a. The "mom" is good looking. Why? Because what father would want to marry an ugly girl their daughter's age?

b. The dad is rich or at least really, really, really good looking. I doubt he's that attractive at age 40. Thus, he's more likely than not, rich. Otherwise, why would a girl want to date someone old enough to be their father? And no, I doubt "love" is an appropriate response. I've seen some attractive 30 to 40 year olds, but there's no way I'm going to marry one when I can easily marry a 17-25ish year old girl. (I'm 20)

  cactus_fml  |  0

@#157: I recently found out that my dad who is 44 (45 in less than a month) is secretly seeing a girl the same age as my own boyfriend (18). My dad is not rich by any stretch of the imagination and he's not young looking. Their relationship is atleast remotely sexual because I (and my mom, his wife) saw the dirty messages that they were sending about bondage and what not (and dirty pictures she sent). So no, it's not obvious that the guy is rich or good looking.

OP, I know it sucks. It really does. I know. Just looking at my father discusts me because not only did he do what your dad is doing, he did it while he was still married to my mom. I understand where you're coming from.

  sohigh10  |  34

plot twist: 12


Is there ANYONE in this entire thread who can give me a valid argument against dating someone a lot younger than you?

"It's just wrong" is not an argument, just a poor fallacy. So are "it's disgusting" and "she's young enough to be his daughter".

Tell me, when you REALLY think about it, do you still think it's wrong? Or is it just because your culture and upbringing taught you that? Think for yourself instead of just blurting out that it's 'wrong'.

It's perfectly legal and consensual, they are both adults. Why do you people get so upset about it?


Well, the fact that the girl is probably much more immature than the 40 year old since she's so young.

Having someone so immature as a step-mom would be insanely annoying, especially if the daughter is still living with them or has to come home from college to stay with them for breaks.

She's also probably gold-digging.

She sounds incredibly stupid to suggest to that the OP call her mom....

The list goes on.

  Darkon  |  0

Yes a 10yr old marrying a 35 year old is sick and would have many pedophiia related charges, once both parties are past 18 it doesn't matter as both are adults allowed to consent. So the age difference is the same but the situation is vastly different.

  greatnt249  |  0

You're missing what the OP is angry about; she's specifically pissed about the fact that the girl told her "feel free to call me 'Mom.'" I would have punched her too.


No, I didn't miss that. I wasn't directing my comment at the OP. I was replying to #5 and the others in this thread who seem to find the sole fact that daddy's marrying a 20 years younger girl disgusting.

In my earlier comment (#53) I already mentioned that the 'call me mom'-part is without a doubt infuriating.

  WeAreAllF_ed  |  0

Sure there's nothing wrong with dating someone as old as your daughter as long, if it's legal and consensual. But just because you're old enough to be screwing her dad, doesn't mean you're old enough to be called "mom." I think that's the bigger issue.

  purple_wings  |  0

It's not necessarily wrong. But the fact that she is just learning that her dad is marrying this much younger woman, can definitely be an upsetting thing.
I think it becomes wrong when the parent doesn't care about the opinion of their child, because it seems in this case that the father never really took the time to see how his daughter feels about the situation.


It's easy for everyone to spout about how wrong it is to be upset by the age difference... personally if it were anyone besides my own father, I probably wouldn't give a sh*t. But in reality, until it happens to you and you have to compete with someone young enough to be his daughter, who is also trying to act like a mother to you and is determined to eliminate the memory of anyone before her(ie. my mom, myself and my two younger sisters) no one should pass judgement on OP. I refuse to even call my Dad's wife my stepmother as much as she tries to push the isuue... she had NO part in raising me and I already have a MOM! Thanks =)


I think it's just the assumption that the older guy is a "dirty old man" who is physically attracted to dating a younger woman, while the younger woman is a gold digger, probably hoping he'll pass away in 10 to 20 years, at which point she inherits his money, marries the pool boy and runs away to the carribean.

  quinnteh  |  0

The dad's 40, that means the OP can't be older than 20's. So if they're NOT in their 20's/late teens, (meaning early teens or younger) that's even more gross.

  humorizer  |  14

@134, or if the dad waited till he was 25 (most married fathers have their first child at that age statistically; if you don't take teen pregnancies into account), she could be 15, and the mother 16.


No, pedophilia is absolutely not comparable to this.

One is misleading, abusing and mentally scarring a young child for life.
The other is a consenting relationship with an adult who happens to be a lot younger than you.

How is that comparable?
I don't see what's wrong with relationships with a big age difference. It's not illegal, it doesn't damage anyone. The only reason people give for their disapproval is "it's disgusting" which is a worthless argument.

You can use the "it's disgusting" or "it's just wrong"-argument for anything, like homosexuality or mixed race-relationships, and never works. I think it's just closed-minded.

The "you can call me mom"-thing is infuriating, though.

  Darkon  |  0

@65 Actually she is setting an example and then follows it up with "I think it's just closed-minded" meaning to all forms represented in her argument, so you need to focus on reading comprehension.

  highlightthat  |  0

what's wrong with you #10? Marrying someone 20 years younger than you and being attracted to people of the same sex is not the same thing. it's way more f-ed up to be sleeping with your daughter's friend (or someone her age) and there's nothing wrong with being gay. your post is offensive

  rbar1293  |  0

For all you people who say that a man marrying a woman much younger than him is wrong, who are you to decide? We all have our preferences. If he's forty and still hittin some twenty year olds, more power to him. Like all of your condemnations actually matter...

  Lexia_fml  |  0

If it were some 50 year old guy with no kids, marrying a 20 year old girl, that'd be chill
But marrying someone around the same age as his daughter??
He's sexually attracted to someone the same age as his daughter. Small jump to being attracted to his daughter, or at least admitting it.
I'd be weirded the fuck out

Oh yeah, and I'm betting a good half of the people here who are defending the age thing are doing it to get attention.