By lostintdot - 31/07/2014 11:38 - Canada - Kitchener

Today, while wandering around the big city I just relocated to, I asked a seemingly pleasant-looking lady where the nearest library was. She told me to get lost, and started laughing. Then said she was just joking and gave me directions. I'm now standing in front of a gay strip joint. FML
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It's always the innocent looking ones...

TheKingKen 22

It always makes me sad when a person's entertainment is at the expense of someone else. It happens all the time


Lebeaugars95 20

looll nobody in Toronto is like that, wdf

Yeah, when I moved to Toronto, everybody I asked for directions was SUPER nice. It is also OP's fault for trusting her after that ..

Lebeaugars95 20

Tdot is weird ass slang for Toronto for those who don't know.

anormalperson 25

It says Canada above the FML so no.

incoherentrmblr 21

It it wasn't in Canada, I'd guess NYC or LA. Talk about being cold...

addictedtoIASIP 14

Talk about not taking the time to read where the guys from. He's from canada

sexpectations 15

if you are on the mobile app, it doesnt say where from. or at least not on my app (on a windows phone)

@63 there are other big cities in Canada such as Ottawa Montreal and Vancouver.

#78 - No, 63's comment is right. OP's name says "lost in tdot" which stands for Toronto specifically.

Is Toronto part of Ontario, or vice versa? The post on the official FML app says published - Canada, Ontario.

Ignore me, didn't realize Ontario was a province in Canada and Toronto was its capital.

his name is "Lostintdot" i live 45 min north from Toronto and Tdot is another name for it.

Read under the fml, it says it in small text, #64

Nyc isnt only composed of assholes anymore, its slowly being overrun by hipsters

#36: It's 82 degrees in Toronto today...

It's always the innocent looking ones...

Ugh. I cannot believe people sometimes. Sorry, OP. Hope you found the way!

TheKingKen 22

It always makes me sad when a person's entertainment is at the expense of someone else. It happens all the time

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And the award for Douchebag of the Year goes to...

Me. Man, my mom is gonna be so proud!

^Your award goes well with your profile pic

Well, at least you know where you are, kind of. Better than being in an alley.

Try asking a police officer or a pizza place that delivers is just as good. ( plus you could get pizza)

Or... Just pull out a map at at tourist booth. Even if they don't have a cellphone there is places that help tourists find locations. OP can use that as well. No need to go to a pizza place while they are already busy to get directions.

Toronto doesn't really have tourist booths around except major malls and attractions. Gas stations are probably the best bet for getting directions.

Find a book and slap her with it. If you find the library, of course