By killmenow - 03/12/2015 05:33 - Canada - Halifax

Today, I burped in front of my crush. Well, not really in front of him. I turned around mid-burp and noticed him, not knowing anyone was there. The surprise made me scream a little, which only amplified the burp. So I made this mighty belch-turned-scream noise, while maintaining eye contact with him. FML
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KhaleesiDannie 26

Hey it's ok... At least you didn't shit yourself...


not sure why this was down voted. i would laugh if this happened.

KhaleesiDannie 26

I now want to see teens start this up. all just burping in each other's faces... God it would be so beautiful. just ambling around burping....*sigh* dreams

That also include whale calls coming from their stomach

tantanpanda 26

Tbh, most guys don't care if others burp in public and we don't demand an "excuse me" for it either.

Maybe he's a strong believer of the saying "better out than in"?

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Perhaps he found it cute. Not many girls want to look kind of clumsy. I'll just hope he's one of those guys.

I find that many girls think that acting klutzy and ditsy will make guys think they're cute. It's disgusting. Burping isn't really a clumsy thing though...

Hopefully you played it cool and laughed it off! Not a laugh/burp though!

corky1992 33

Since she's posting about it on here I highly doubt she played it cool lol.

nonsensical 26

I feel like that's something anyone would laugh at hahaha, you can both laugh until you get tears in your eyes at the super random incident--and now you'll always have that memory you shared together! It was an icebreaker!