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Today, my friend joked to my co-workers that my kitty-cat of a husband was going to beat me for spending $200 on shoes. Later on, my rather large dog was so excited to see me when I walked in the door, he split my lip. Somehow, I don't think they'll believe me when I get to the office tomorrow. FML
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200 for shoes is ridiculous for me. most I spent was 40.

Dog-Gone it! Hope you feel better soon OP!


What's really unfortunate is that she's married to a cat.

What's wrong with being married to a cat? My wife loves me for who I am.

Why that's preposterous! You're a fox, not a cat!

Dog-Gone it! Hope you feel better soon OP!

At least her husband wasn't a boxer. Then she'd have a black eye or 2. OP's coworkers obviously think OP's husband's bite is worse than his bark.

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Try wearing red lipstick that day, it'll cover the scratch and swelling.

So that's what happens when you don't train your dog... Hmm...

200 for shoes is ridiculous for me. most I spent was 40.

Maybe it was five or six pairs of shoes? Of course, then the question becomes 'is that for everybody?' because who more than four active shoes? (1 formals and 3 casuals in case of turds and rain) On the plus side, at least your coworkers care about you.

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Well with the exception of a few scenarios the most I could ever justify for a pair of shoes is $100 and it better be a damn good pair of jogging shoes. Most people who spend a lot on shoes though do it just for fashion and that's crazy to me. To each their own though

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11- Even if OP bought several pairs of shoes, $200 all at once is pretty steep. I'm not against indulging guilty pleasures when it comes to shopping, but you'd think she'd be able to buy a variety of useful items, instead of just shoes. I'd say maybe OP is wealthy enough that the $200 isn't a big deal, but if that was the case, I doubt the co-workers would have made that joke.

#16, 29 & 30 : just wondering whats wrong with buying one pair of shoes for $200 or more!! Means you work for them, and you work your ass off to buy something you like. However FYI i ain't saying it for the sake of saying. As i have every pair of shoes $220 or more then plus tax, & as i said i work for that. So if someone is buying some costly shoes then there is nothing wrong, as its their personal choice lol :)

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34- I see what you're saying, but in a marriage, you shouldn't make decisions like that on your own. My husband and I have a $100 dollar limit; if anything that costs more than that, we discuss the purchase with each other first.

#35 yes i understand that in marriage its different but if you cannot even buy something once in a while that you like, then what you all working for is a pair of cloth, food and roof. In short dream killer :/ coz i work two jobs just for the things i wanna buy plus sending money home :)

I've spent $400 on Gucci dress shoes, I'd rather pay big money for a top of the line pair than $100 on 4 pairs of shoes that keep wearing out quickly.

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39- The point of having the discussion isn't to "kill the dreams" of your spouse, but to ensure the money you are about to spend is available. If you don't communicate, you run the risk of spending money for something else that might be more important. For example, my husband texted me yesterday to ask if he could buy a new pair of shoes (seriously, weird coincidence given the FML story) which would've cost just over $100 dollars. I'm glad he asked, because I actually had to spend $130 on a new car battery.

#40 I KNOW RITE, its all what makes you feel is better... & #41 as i said i understand its different in marriage but it all depends what you guys make as a gross, as i have two jobs to make sure i have enough to spend on things i like or love. & yes i meant to say if your job is not enough to let u buy stuff that you might want/need then its time to change :) just saying.

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44- Some people are perfectly content not buying that $200 pair of shoes or $500 dollar Prada purse. Maybe Kylee and her husband are that way, my boyfriend and I don't have to have material things to make us happy. It isn't fair for you to say that maybe she needs a change if she can't have things she wants or needs, because you don't know her lifestyle. That's actually kind of rude.

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Isn't the Australian dollar different to the US dollar? I don't live in either country but maybe the exchange rate is different. I know that if I pay 200 rand for something, it would probably cost around 30 dollars in America.

A really good pair of Chippewa work boots is $200. At least it was a couple of weeks ago when I had to buy some for the new job. Of course, were it not required for the job and something I'll get reimbursed for, I'd've bought the cheap ones lol.

Ya, if I go buy a $999 new tv for the living room, and my wife goes out and spends $600 on a shopping spree and we don't discuss it first and only have $1500 to spend, we're then ******, and not in the way that I like...

True sneakerheads would be laughing so hard at these comments. Just replace these shoes with something you really like and try to step into their shoes and see why they would spend exorbitant amounts of money just on shoes. I like track and field and i spend a little over 100 dollars to buy spikes because i want to. Just a little food for thought.

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$200 for a good pair of shoes isn't that bad considering what things cost here in Australia.

Shoes in Australia are extremely expensive compared to places like the US. Most I've spent is $225 on a pair of running spikes. Expensive, but not too uncommon.

#56 : seriously i am amazed that why it sound rude, if i suggested them that its time to change. As she said that if her husband wouldn't have texted then she have had lost her car battery money. Now i just replied according to her context that if one had to sacrifice or avoid buying thing that they like/liked, then it means which ever job they have is not enough for them. And FYI, in my home country if someone tells u this, we take it as a suggestion and sign of care by one mankind for another. Because its something they tell to us for our good to sometimes make us realize that there are tons of more opportunities lol But i have seen one thing that in any cold countries, everyone take it rude even if someone is trying to be just concerned :/ So try to think positive not negative lol

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#95 I was thinking the same thing! Like really? U guys think that's a lot on shoes? All my shoes cost 110 + tax. Some more, some less. That's why I work, to buy what I want.

Some people spend over $1000 on a pair of shoes. While it's certainly not cheap, $200 is not ridiculously expensive and outrageous.

Seriously?? Man, and to think I felt guilty buying my $25 pair of tennis shoes...

200$ is kind of ridiculous for a pair of shoes! But you might get a ear full tomorrow. Lol

Not really, for a pair of expensive and nice brand name shoes it's a pretty okay price.

I'm with 49. In the fashion world, $200 is pretty much laughably cheap. A pair of a Louboutins will START at around $600 and go up to about 6 times that...heck, even a pair of Doc Martens or Uggs cost about $200 and, I don't know about you guys but where I'm from, everyone has at least one or the other, often a couple of pairs of both (yes, even 'poor' families on welfare somehow find the money). I don't have any shoes worth anywhere near that much but then I'm a broke student. However, I really wouldn't be surprised if a well off business woman wanted to spend that much or more, particularly if she's into fashion.

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49: it looks like you are sucking a small penis in your picture. I thought I should inform you

LiterOfCola 16

49: From a distance it looks like you're sucking a small penis in your picture. I just thought I should inform you.

If people on welfare have $200 shoes, then they need to go to jail either for theft or fraud. I'm in the Navy, working full time earning every penny I make, and wearing sneakers because my $20 sandals crapped out and I can't afford to buy new ones right now. And my tax dollars are paying for other people's $200 shoes. Perfect.

Don't worry, I'm in the UK so it's not your tax that's paying for them. I doubt it's fraud though.Those type of people often just don't know how/care to prioritize spending so, whilst they may have the latest iPhone, etc. they probably don't have decent food and have credit card debt.

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$200 on shoes is a little out there to me. But I've spent $500 on a single pocket knife before.. So I have no room to talk

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This made me lol for some reason

Was idiot good plated and covered in jewels?

Was it good plated*. Damn auto correct.

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Look at the bright side, at least your dog is happy to see you! Mine still barks at me everytime i come home, even after 6 years..

They won't believe that your dog shit in your shoes either. They'll probably blame you husband for that, too.

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Well, I don't believe it, either (ee). Kitty-cats can extend their claws and do major damage to idiots that waste money.

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$200 is a little too expensive..

Not really. It's not cheap, but people can spend over $1000 on designer shoes.