By Anonymous - Canada
Today, during a major argument with my girlfriend, I shoved a door open, which then rebounded and hit me in the face. I'm not sure which is more pathetic: that I was savaged by a door, or that I made up a story about kicking a mugger's ass to explain the huge black eye to my coworkers. FML
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  KleenexWaffle  |  3

If he fell down the stairs he'd have a lot more than a bruised face. He should have used something like;

'So I was walking down the street the other day when I saw a puppy about to get run over by a car. I dove heroically onto the street saving the puppy's life! Then I tripped and hit my face on the sidewalk'

It doesn't have to be believable as long as he doesn't let people know it was really because he's an idiot.

  KleenexWaffle  |  3

He should have come up with something along the lines of;

'I was railing this chick in the bar washroom when, *BANG*. Smacked my head on the stall door'.

Much more believable and he can save face in front of his friends.

He still totally deserves it though.

  scar97  |  0

Actually, the person in the FML talked about how he didn't know what was more pathetic. so technically, my comment did have something to do with the post.

By  0opsie  |  6

They know you're lying anyway.


I know right? op should enhance the fact he got beat up by a door and make it funny ..not be ashamed...that's what I would do.."you would not believe what I just did to myself ha ha...."