By Sheepiebeepie


Today, at the end of a 15 hour shift, my girlfriend and her friends played a "prank" on me by texting me from a random number saying my cat got hit by a car. I immediately burst into tears and lost it in front of my colleagues. My cat is fine. My relationship is the real joke. FML
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  boopingsnoot  |  23

No, a sociopath has no sense of empathy. They actually tend to have very good or very poor social skills - many politicians and CEOs are high-functioning sociopaths. Sherlock from "Sherlock" is not a good example of anything in real life.

By  Arcady_fml  |  11

Most people consider their animals family members, myself included. This "joke" would be akin to your girlfriend texting you from a random phone number saying that your mother or father or a close family member had died in a car accident. If your girlfriend does not care to know enough about you that this prank would seriously upset you (especially since it did affect your standing with your coworkers), you need to evaluate your relationship. Only you know the details behind this prank, so maybe there is something in the relationship worth saving, but if I were in your shoes I would walk away.

  Joshua Isaiah  |  11

perfectly said. I have always had animals in my house and I care for them as I would my family. I adopt them to give them a better life and to love them, so I believe this joke went too far. address the issue and if she can't understand your point then it may be time to move on. either way best of luck and feel better ❤

  SevieCookie  |  14

When it comes to a cat being run over, some people will contact the owners themselves to let them know they've found the cat afterwards or hit it themselves. Pretty much most of the time that will come from a random number. When my cat went missing I put my phone number on posters, which I put around and posted through doors. I ended up receiving calls and texts from random numbers with sightings of my cat, etc. I believed them. If the cat had an ID the number could be on there or on a microchip. It isn't terrible that the guy believed a text that his cat had been hit by a car. If it were me i would probably start crying too trying to contact the person to find out details. Knowing what its like to have your cat missing for 3 days, to then be found and told he has been hit by a car and needs his leg amputated, helps me know what kind of thing this guy went through before he was told it was a prank. This was cruel of his girlfriend, and if it were me, i wouldn't stay.

  labiapatrol  |  8

Every time a guy uses the phrase "man card" every woman wiring a twelve mile radius gets a message on her phone saying "Warning! Insecurities! Would you like to open Google Maps to plan the fastest exit route?"